ZBRO Backpack Kayak Waterproof Dry Bag with 2 Pockets Review

ZBRO backpack kayak is a waterproof dry bag with 2 Pockets, Padded Straps, and Reflective Stripe is a multipurpose traveling bag for most outdoor activities, such as kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking or camping, and rafting. If you are looking for a bag which can take you places while raining, then this the bag with numerous advantageous features. You can also check the list of the best dry bag backpack for kayaking to select an ideal outdoor sack. With this bag, you are assured of the gears getting protection from any drop of water to be it on land or in the lakes and rivers practicing whitewater kayaking, rafting or training paddling techniques. Besides, the manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty for any eventuality which may occur as a result of manufacturer shortcomings. You can return the bag to supply at any time when unsatisfied with the carrier sack.


Doing so you are refunded the money spend on the waterproof kayaking bag as the retailer offers “100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.” The bag is ideal for water sporting events because it is visible from a distance due to the cleverly coated reflective stripe. For kayaking that is among the features to look for, and why? Assuming that you are Kayaking down the stream and the container bag you had drifted off to the river bank and it does not reflect from a distance, you are going to conduct an endless search and end up empty-handed, disappointed, demoralized, and above all losing all your kayaking accessories. That is why you need a bag that is visible in the dark from a distance. Above all, the sack is neat and well organized making item location easier than anticipated. With the outer mesh pocket, which can pack a number of items that you are uncomfortable mixing with the other clothing e.g. wet clothes, you are guaranteed to keep all the valuables safe and protected. Moreover, the waterproof kayaking dry bag has a removable inner pocket for you to store additional and sensitive items, namely phones, car and door keys, cash for your travel, among other items.

Other than storing, the inner compartments ensure that your valuables are kept safe and dry in any adverse weather condition. Designed with padded straps which offer the needed comfort while traveling to protect the shoulder, and are adjustable and removable to fit the occasion and provide optimal usage for the paddler. This bag is ideal for rafting in whitewater where you anticipate being soaked, recently, a customer had the bag packed with DSLR, phone, and Bluetooth speaker, and made a dive of about 10ft beneath the water surface, surprisingly these items never got soaked and were all safe and protected from the water and debris.

ZBRO Backpack Kayak Waterproof Dry Bag Product specifications

Exists in a multiple varieties which you can choose from depending on the usage and amount at your disposal to spend. It comes in 3 sizes guaranteed to meet personal needs, namely,

•          20 Liter (Diameter * Height): 9.5 * 17,5 Inches

•          30 Liter (Diameter * Height): 9.5 * 20 Inches

•          40 Liter (Diameter * Height): 12 * 22 Inches

The bag has a solid waterproofing with a durable material which is ideal for rough water kayaking and diving. Further, you get value for money, buying a product which to last years if proper care is observed. Designed with two backpack strap rather than one shoulder strap for additional comfortability. The bag is ideal for heavy waves kayaking as it can withstand the waves as you surf in the deep sea. In addition, the bag is handy for any type of photography, such as street and water. Plus, the outside net pocket can hold both hydration bladder, tripod, snacks, and more. The outer pocket is an added advantage because it separate liquid stored items from sensitive items like the cameras, cellphones etc.    

The ZBRE Backpack kayak dry bag cones

  • Scratchy straps that soften over time
  • Pocket Velcro is slightly weak
  • Plastics strap can break after years of UV from the sun rays
  • You can strain with the bag will having prolonged strenuous hiking.
  • Can be noisy when connecting the plastic clips with the straps
  • Can easily if dragged on a rough surfaces, such as rocks, gravels etc.

With over 100 plus customer review, you are spoil of opinion on how the bag fare on different outing occasions. Amazon offers a variety of promotion which can be what you exactly need when having financial difficulties or want to save for other items. Shipped to many countries globally, hence no reason to hold you back from buying the waterproof kayaking backpack. Alight weight product, is what you need to avoid messy trips and voyages. So for up to date pricing please consult the Amazon product list and check among the alternatives if this does not fit the bill. Hopefully, you have found this review helpful and informative and have helped you save money in deciding the best bag for kayaking.

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