YALOX KAYAKING SHOES are small in size unisex footwear designed to offer firm grip while at the same time providing comfort. Manufactured with navigation in mind, these water shoes are what you need to have for your outdoor water activities. Yalox Kayak shoes are very light in weight taking up little space in your travel bag.    

They are easy to put on and take off due their breathable and smooth fabric materials. Besides, the materials allows for proper water flow after use. Designed with ability to fold and unfold with ease. What you require is a smaller waterproof kayaking bag for safety storage of the shoes.

Safety is paramount when selecting shoes for kayaking. To ensure feet protection from unwanted materials, the footwear has a protective material on its upper part which ensure convenience and comfort during Kayaking voyage. Injuries is the last incident to encounter while away during a trip.

The kayaking shoes are ultra-light in style, breathable and smooth to keep your feet dry, light and comfortable. With these feature you will enjoy every moment of Kayaking be it whitewater kayaking, flatwater kayaking, and more. All you need is the right size and color. The beauty of the water sport footwear is that you can share with your spouse, children both boys and girls. It is the perfect fit for various sporting activities besides Kayaking, such as Yoga, Swimming, Pool, Sailing, Boating, Fishing, Surfing and Walking along the Beach with Your Family.


Anti-slip Rubber Sole: which protects you from slipping. The material is thick enough to protect your foot damage. Manufactured from high quality materials and is composed of 92% polyester and 8% spandex upper. For fashion lovers this is the best water sport shoes to buy. It includes a slide on closure unit, with comfort sole that makes you feel like walking on a barefoot. They dry easily after use which keep your foot fresh from bad odor.

Yalox Size Details

There are different sizes and color to choose from, namely,

EU26/27—Little Kids:10-10.5 M US = Insole Length 7.08 Inches

EU28/29—Little Kids:11-11.5 M US = Insole Length 7.40 Inches

EU30/31—Little Kids:12.5-13 M US = Insole Length 7.62 Inches EU32/33—Little Kids:1-2 M US = Insole Length 7.87 Inches

With Yalox kayak shoes, you are confident that no sand will find its way into your feet. Besides, your feet are free from water logging effect. Their light weight makes them easy to wear. Designed with beautiful swirling multicolor fabric for your every recreation outing undertaking. This what a customer had to say after receiving the kayak shoe from a supplier

“They fit great, the heavier fabric keeps my feet warm, and they are really, truly non-skid soles. So, two days ago I ordered two more pair, in darker colors, so I can wear them on a quick run to the store. They are simply great.”

If you fear getting hurt by sharp objects, Yalox shoes for Kayaking will offer the needed protection and safety from rocks and other harmful objects while on the beach. These shoes are astounding with good quality and true to nature. The design are truly reflected in the pictures, they are comfortable, with affordable price and pocket friendly. Delivery are efficient from different online stores worldwide.   These shoes are amazing, have great grip on your foot, with the shoes on, you can still feel the rock underfoot gently causing no harm. You have the ability to walk in the water without sliding into the mud. Make your Kayaking adventure great by having best kayaking shoes

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