WindRider Pro Sailing Kayak Gloves Review

WindRider Pro Sailing Gloves are essential kayaking equipment. It is advisable to wear gloves during your Kayaking session. Today, we are examining the features of the WindRider brand. In the end, we hope that you will acquire knowledge of the features, benefits, disadvantages, and sample feedback from actual users.

WindRider Pro Sailing Gloves Qualities


The kayak glove is made of Amara leather palm which offers additional protection. The gloves are designed to protect you from rope burns or blisters. When you paddle for a long-distance for the first time, you are likely to suffer from the blister. It is therefore recommended to put on the gloves to help provide a better grip besides rope burns.

What this means is that you can paddle for a whole without distractions whatsoever. Having a firm grip on your aluminum double blade paddle makes it fun and helps prevent the oar from slipping the figures. In a nutshell, the WindRider kayak gloves can save you money for an extra paddle.

Palm protecting layer

From 2018 the company improved on the features by providing additional layer. The layer is designed to support your palm during hauling of the kayak and providing a better paddle grip. With a better grip, you are able to perform the paddle stroke, such as backstroke, forward stroke among others.

Ability to use your fingers for extra activities

There are a few kayak hand gloves which when wore does not allow your fingers to perform certain simple activities. For example, thick gloves will prevent you from firmly tying knots, opening sand witch bags or even twiddle your thumbs. However, WindRider Pro Sailing Kayak Gloves enables your fingers including the forefingers to perform these tasks with ease.


In computer, we talk of multitasking, the ability of a computer operating system to perform more than one task at ago. Conversantly, the gloves offer what is known as multisport functionality?

When you buy the hand glove for kayaking, you are ultimately buying an accessory for an array of water sporting activities. Besides kayaking, you are purchasing an item for “SUP, Sailing, wakeboarding or anywhere else you need your hands protected on the water.”

Unisex functionality

The product is applied across among the sexes, it can be put on both by Men, Women, or Youth, which save money if you are a group of mixed paddlers.

Full-Mobility Gloves

With these gloves you have the ability to remove fishing hooks in your kayak, tie paddle leash knot, you have the ability to call and write test messages without removing your gloves.

UV Protection

The multilayer gloves protect the fabric from Ultraviolet sun rays which give you comfort the whole. Besides, the garment dries faster when socked and help prevent sunburned hands kayaking, diving, canoeing, mountain climbing, and more.

This is what the manufacturer promises that you will enjoy

  • A lightweight mesh back glove
  • It dries faster when socked which helps prevent sogginess
  • 4-way stretch material for form-fitting comfort
  • Your hand will remain cold during hot or humid time
  • Comfy hands, even when wet or sweaty
  • Suitable for trekking, biking, riding, and other land activities

The available sizes

  • XXS -6”-6.5”
  • L – 8.5”-9”
  • XS – 6.5”-7.5”
  • XL – 9”-10”
  • S – 7.5”-8”
  • XXL – 10”-11”
  • M – 8” – 8.5”

What satisfied customers had to say

I sail on smaller boats (19 or fewer feet) and these gloves help me to avoid blisters from pulling in the main sheet and jib sheet. I’m sure they would be just as great for kayaking and other activities on the water!(Amazon).

What others don’t like about these gloves

Warm on a sunny day. Here is what a customer had to say “The gloves are well made but too heavy on a warm day. I use them for sea kayaking. The seams inside the thumbs are quite big and make the paddling very uncomfortable. I had to put some duct tape on the 4 of them to be able to paddle comfortably. Overall there are good gloves but certainly needs improvements (Amazon).

Not for people with long fingers. “These seem to be made for people with large hands and short fingers. I got mediums and they were very lose fitting and only covered about halfway up each finger.” (Amazon).


It is advisable to buy the right size to feel comfortable with the glove. These gloves are durable and if taken care of well, they will last some good time. Having a bad glove is worse than Kayaking without one. I, therefore, would recommend the glove for hand protection from the blister among other injuries. There are many places to buy this glove but amazon offers a secure shopping portal with guaranteed delivery.

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