Why Kayaking In Des Moines, Iowa Becoming Dangerous

It is reported by the fire department officials that Kayaking Des Moines, Iowa is increasing becoming dangerous at this time. A number of changes have taken place with several debris witnessed in the river (Fodor) as compared to the previous rivers. Besides, there have been a number of response by Des Moines Fire Department Water Rescue Team to a number of tubing and kayaking incidents.

A kayaker, Jim Oslon can attest to the recent changes in water. During their Kayaking voyage, they drifted to the river shore. Moreover, the kayak was swept by the trees and disappeared down the stream. Thanks to the tree, Oslon was rescued from the eminent kayaking dangers. With the personal floating device (pfd) “Olson floated a mile down the river before landing on a tree under the water” (Fodor).

The fear was that there could exist a Y in the branch to cause more harm or even cause death. However, “He firmly believes that the life jacket he was wearing saved his life.” It is recommended to wear life jackets as you paddled down the stream, this safety gear is a must have for boat users yet ignored by many. Locals are advised by the rescue team to be on the lookout of kayak dangers down the stream and spread out information to other participants. It is reported that “most fatal boating accidents would never happen if people wear life jackets, don’t drink alcohol on the water and don’t go out alone.”


  • Do not swim into the water at Des Monies
  • No bathing at Des Monies
  • Do no kayak without life jackets

Hopefully, you will observe kayak safety regulations before venturing into the river to kayak, fish or any other outdoor activities.


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