Why Kayaking Help Improves Muscle Strength

There are several benefits to kayaks namely, reducing body calories. For instance, it is estimated that kayaking helps burned 400 calories per hour (Derick). Kayaking also helps lessen mental disruptions. It achieves mental calmness through concentration by a paddler on the water, the sceneries, breeze, and the cool atmosphere, etc. However, for this article, I want to restrict myself to muscle health benefits which you get from routinely Kayaking.

Getting Started

When I started out, it was such a tiresome exercise even though the Kayak I started with was a lightweight Challenger K2 Explorer. Besides, my first encounter with the Kayak was in a flat water lake. As with the flat water kayaking, with little to medium waves, you would expect a smooth sail throughout the voyage. But this was not the case as I struggled to learn the various methods of paddling techniques.

Wear your Life Saver Jackets

Before boarding the Kayak and for safety issues, I had to wear type III kayak pfd, it is a requirement for any person having water sport activities to put on their lifesaver jackets. Without the protective kayak clothing, you are putting your life at risks, with a number of kayak fatalities reported due to lack of safety gears.

My Day One Kayaking Muscles Impact

Muscle Benefit of Kayak

At first, the back muscles were painful, this lasted for two days but I kept practicing. In fact, I could not stand upright for a few minutes. The reason why this happened is that I had not sat in a confined kayak cockpit in my life. If this is your first time to kayak, and especially in rough waters, you are likely to experience even more difficulties.

Day Three Improvement

During the third day, things changed drastically, and I noticed an improvement in the speed and effectiveness of rowing.  The little waves were no problem even though the wind kept slowing my movement. It was at this point that I realized that my arm muscle was stable and strong. For a starter, this is the first health benefit you get to achieve, and what a better way to exercise the body muscle while pleasuring in the water.

With a daily kayaking, you will notice a number of improvements in your body muscle. The health benefits are as a result of the paddling exercises, which depends on the type of kayak paddle in use to roar the boat. For example, a weighty wooden paddle can make kayaking a daunting task, and instead of improving your bodies’ health, you can end up getting injured. Moreover, using a heavy wooden canoe paddle to move an inflatable kayak, such as the challenger K2 Intex is not worth it, and you spend a lot of time steering the kayak.

The Kayak is a lightweight craft which requires a more modern blade. Besides, the best blade for maximum health benefit is the aluminum double oar. The Kayak is a lightweight craft which requires a more modern blade. Besides, the best blade for maximum health benefit is the aluminum double oar. Besides the arms, it helps increase human Torso and Core strength. This happens when a paddler steers and balances the kayak while stroking (Derek).

Muscle Health benefits of Kayaking

In his article titled “20 Health Benefits of Kayak Exercise,” Derek outlined several health benefits brought by Kayaking exercise to the arm namely, the back, shoulder, core, and more. Besides, the muscle groups worked that benefits from Kayak exercise are; “back, which consists of the Lats, Rhomboids, and Latissimus Dorisi; the core, consisting of the abdomen, Obliques (Transverse, Internal abdominal, External abdominal), Rectus abdominis, and Latissimus Dorsi Lower Back” (outventurist). .

Muscles Groups Affected by Kayaking

Further, Ryan Mess penned an article titled “What Muscles Does Kayaking Work?” which he examined the parts of the body muscles affected by the art of Kayaking. The most affected muscles are back, shoulders, arms, hands, abdomen, chest, and heart. He further narrates that you only need an hour of kayaking exercise to improve your body muscles. Besides, Kayaking technique is a low impact exercise which produces more work for the body muscles groups. The exercise if done well is effective than having a single gym session in burning the body fats and improve the muscles. (sportsrec).

Other Body Parts Gain from Muscle Stretching

The other body parts that gains from Kayaking of worth noting are the leg and hip Muscles. It is also worth noting that the legs most affected parts are the Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius. The quality of work out depends on how an individual approach kayaking. For example, “if you jump in a kayak and take a leisurely paddle broken up by lots of extended breaks, it’s not going to be the same as actively paddling and getting your heart rate up”( outventurist).

Lastly, Kayaking is a great exercise for the body, and after a busy day of office chores, it is advisable to consider kayaking. If you don’t have adequate time for water paddling, spare the weekends and any other holiday for this exercise.

What if you don’t have a kayak? Consider registering with kayak clubs near you. There are so many clubs around the globe offering Kayaking services. One such organization was founded by John MacGregor, who invented recreational and sport kayaking.

The club he founded is in-existence and offers various water sport activities, such as Kayaking and more. Whether you are a kid or a grownup person, consider kayaking as a hobby for the numerous health benefits it provides.

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