KENAI FJORDS offers one of the best places to go Kayaking. It has a beautiful coastline with rocky and striking terrain that appeals to paddler’s touring the area. It is a paddling experiencing that droves hundreds of kayakers in and outside the state to experience nature while cruising the waters.

To enjoy your Kayaking tour, the months of May through August provide the perfect weather to stroke past the glaciers and the protruding rocks. However, be prepared for unforeseen weather conditions, such as rainfall and cold temperature.

What to Expect Kayaking Kenai Fjords

As you Kayak Kenai Fjordsyou can easily mistake the rugged coastline for a mountain. Whether new or a returning paddler at Kenai Fjords, you will enjoy every moment thanks to the waters that support both small and big marine life.

The big marine life to expect on your kayaking tour at Fjords Kenia includes the whales, among others. Besides, expect to get a glimpse of small marine life as you paddle stroke the Kayak away from the shoreline.

The smaller marine life to enjoy are the Jellyfish and sea stars. But, be on the lookout as you are likely to spot black bears. Other than marine life, sea kayaking Kenai Fjords present with it an opportunity to come closer to the shining glaciers. It brings with it a humbling and rejuvenating experience that many Kayakers may never experience at all.

Distance to Kayak in Kenai Fjords

You have about 47,300 miles from the “northernmost reaches on the Beaufort Sea near Barrow to the southeast region that snakes along the northwestern edge of British Columbia.” to traverse. Alaska is endowed with one of the largest shorelines to explore, be it Kayaking, boating, cruise ships, and many more.

Besides, you have a choice to Kayak the 500 miles from Seward to Sitka. As you navigate this route, there exist the beautiful recreational cruise ships doing the Inside Passage play.

The unique thing about Kayaking fjords, it is isolated from other nature lovers, and it is only navigable by small vessels, such as boats, Kayaks, and Canoes.

Kenai Fjords Kayaking Adventure

For the veteran paddlers, you are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime to have a solo kayaking adventure within the Kenai area. Besides, new paddlers have the opportunity to try self-Kayaking, but, observe kayaking rules and regulations.

If you are unfamiliar with the terrain and want to enjoy Kayaking Fjords, it is advisable to find the Kayak tour guide in the area. To kayak deep inside the Kenia coastline, rent one of the many shuttle boats rested at the shoreline. A boat will drop you into the ocean to explore what nature have to offers miles of the shoreline. The service is great and you are dropped and picked at an agreed time and place.

The Weather

Before you pack your kayak and Kayak accessories, it is useful to know the climatic condition to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. The area experiences both wet and cold climatic condition, and as a result, it is advisable to equip yourself with warm kayak clothing.

When Kayakers expose themselves to cold weather as a result of kayak flip, they are likely to suffer from Hypothermia. To prevent such eventualities, it is prudent to have adequate clothing.

Where to Kayak Kenai Fjords

Your journey isn’t worthwhile if you have adequate time but fail to traverse the Lagoon of the Northwestern and Aialik Bay. Many Kayakers that have traveled this section describe their journeys as a “wildlife safari”

The journey takes you through rock formation as you voyage Spire Cove. Besides, the seal is out enjoying themselves and presents you with the perfect opportunity to take some amazing shorts. Also, the journey is preferred by many Kayakers.

It offers more opportunities to enjoy both marine and birds in their true colors. If you want to spot the sea lions, the puffins, humpbacks, and the orcas, do not hold back and just keep going.

Aialik Bay

While in Aialik Bay, you have several areas to kayak, namely, Glacier of the Aialik, which is 1.2 miles wide, and a height of about 500 ft., Lagoon of the Pedersen, and Abra Cove.

The Lagoon is situated within the Kenai Fjords National Park wildlife sanctuary and only accessible via boats and Kayaks.

Your day doesn’t finish without visiting the tidal river situated in the lower Lagoon and offers the opportunity to spot the salmon and the bears.

Best Time to Kayak Kenai Fjords

Falling ice is a rare spectacular view that the Aialik Glacier offers paddlers. As the phenomena happens a group of seals is hauled out of the calved glaciers into the public view of the paddlers.

Kayaking Kenai Fjords takes you to the sheer rock walls found within the Abra Cove. The area is snowy for the better part of the year. It is a lovely voyage kayaking through the snow in July and August.

The Snow

Besides the snow, numerous waterfalls are pouring past the Kayak. The waves from the falls add extra fun to your Kayaking expedition. The journey at the cove isn’t complete without the black bears swimming back and forth.

Other places to Kayak Kenai Fjords are the Northwestern Glacier, Granite Island, Cataract Cove, Nuka Bay, and Taz Basin.

However, be advised that Cataract Cove is one of the deepest spots with many waterfalls that require extra caution for non-experience kayakers.

Your day kayaking without spotting the seal is something to worry about while cruising Fjords Northwestern Glacier. Here, seals are common and as a paddler, you’ll have a pleasant time taking great photo shorts.

Kenai Fjords Kayaks Tours and Guides

For ease of navigation around Kenai Fjords, consider the services of Kayak guides, such as, Kayak Adventures Worldwide, which provide an array of services and trips for visitors. Besides, the company supports the mothership trips.

Many would ask the level of experience required to Kayak Kenai. This depends on things like self-kayaking or group kayaking. If you are to kayak by yourself, you need a little more experience to Kayak the Kenai Fjords. However, you can get the help of the many kayaking guides available at a fee.

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