Why Buy Perception Kayaks Saddle Bags

There are several Kayaks Saddle Bags for Kayaking lovers depending on your taste and fashion. However, Perception Kayaks Saddle Bags, stand out among the many brands to select from, ad are available in your local store to the online shopping portal, such as Amazon.

This Kayak Saddle Bag was customized and designed to provide the solution for the perception Outlaw Kayak, but, many water sports ad outdoors enthusiasts have found it handy with various types of Kayaks and canoes.

Here are some of the descriptions of Perception Kayaks Saddle Bag from the manufacturer.

Are designed with the shape of the Kayak in mind. They are firm and secure once installed. Besides, perception kayaks blend perfectly within the storage area located on both sides of the Outlaw seat.  

It is a multipurpose kayak bag and compatible with other model kayaks. What you need to ascertain are the dimensions to determine the suitability of your Kayak model.

This Saddlebag for Kayaking has a feature called Bungee loops. It is located beneath the bag to offer security by tightening the bag to Your Kayak-installed fittings.

Other than Bungee loops, the interior of the bag is spacious enough to hold many items. Besides, it can hold two 3600- series Plano boxes The bag is insulated with a canopy-style lid. The lid’s function is to protect the inside from splash. It is also an easy to secure bag, you can comfortably secure the bag with one handy while handling two bungees.

For kayakers with a heavy load or long-distance adventurers that require numerous clothing and other kayaking accessories, worry less the bag has an extra loop o the outsides. These loops are for attaching additional bags and other tools. In addition, the perception kayak saddle bag has drainage holes in the bottom. These holes let out water to prevent waterlogging and keep your belongings safe ad dry.

Perception Kayaks Saddle Bags Specs:

Exterior – waterproof 600D vinyl

Interior – 210D nylon liner

Exterior Dimensions – 9.5” tall, 4.5” deep, 15” wide Compatible with: Perception Outlaw 11.5

Where can I buy the Perception Kayaks Saddle Bags?

This is one of the most frequently ask question. Get your bag ad latest pricing from here from Amazon shopping portal, secure, safe ad fast delivery.

What a Client had to say from Amazon

“I thought for the money this wasn’t going to be worth it, so I purchased 1… Used it with 3600 boxes and it still fits my fish attractant and/or bug spray/sunscreen. I needless to saw the value for this accessory on my yak to eliminate space taken up by a big tackle box and purchased another one for the other side of my yak. These are strong and the molly loops are completely useful for putting bobbers, scissors, knives, etc in. It has definitely exceeded my expectations! LOVE THESE!”

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