What determines Kayak prices are the unique properties of the construction materials? Kayaks are either made of Fiberglass, Carbon-Fiber, Kevlar or a combination of two or more materials. Fiberglass kayaks are moderate in cost compared to composite kayaks due to the materials availability and ease of construction. Generally, these are plastic kayaks with smooth finishing, and the cost is affected by the type of cloth selected for greater look.

In addition, the prices of kayaks are so expensive due to the materials incorporated to knit double-bias fiberglass fabric, core mat and Chopped Strand Mat. When looking for tough and long lasting cheap Kayak to buy, consider kayaks made from fiberglass materials. If a new boat is expensive, then consider buying a used one at a generally low price.

Why Are Kevlar Kayak So Expensive

If you are looking for a light kayak with higher performance than fiberglass, consider buying Kevlar crafts. Besides, the materials are so sturdy but lighter than kayaks made of fiberglass. They are stronger than carbon boats and this explain the relatively high cost compared to fiberglass kayak. To further complicate the cost, the material is stronger than steel on an “equal weight basis” but lighter and flexible to float on water.Its unique attributes explain why kayaks are so expensive. Therefore, Kevlar kayaks are more expensive than fiberglass.

Other consideration soaring kayak prices

Other than materials of construction, Kayak prices varies depending on the place of purchase. For example, buying a kayak directly from a manufacturer you get are likely to get a better deal without profit margin pegged on the sales prices. While retailers has to increase the prices to be in business and to make money. Kayak imported from outside your country will is likely to be expensive due to transportation and delivery cost, tax, and more.

To further illustrate, a Kayak costing about $200 dollars from online retail store, such as, Amazon, eBay, etc. will have it cost rise to $500 when it finally reaches your doorstep. Other factors affecting prices includes kayak accessories.

Buying a Kayak with different accessories have different prices which some manufacturing pass onto the kayak final cost. When selecting a kayak, check on the accessories and specification. The above mentioned are some factors that influences the cost of different kayaks.

It is worth notating that retailers may raise the prices of Kayaks for other reasons. You are likely to find a Kayak with the same specification having two different prices from different retailers. It is advisable to find kayak prices from different kayak stores.

Why used Kayaks are not expensive to buy

The used vessels are inexpensive and affordable to many. If new boats are out of your reach, it is advisable to consider old but good condition kayaks which can last you many years. Such Kayaks are available in many online stores and outlets in major towns.

Rent a Kayak if acquiring a new one is too expensive

You can always rent a kayak if cannot get one for yourself. These services are available for different types of kayaks but with usage limitations.

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