It is time to go paddling and you are wondering what to wear kayaking. For beginners, who are getting started with kayaks might find it difficult on the types of kayak clothing to wear and the purpose for these outfit. There are different Kayak clothing serving several functions, but many are won for personal safety reasons, comfort, and many more.

What to Wear Kayaking Are

Head Protection Gears

As a paddle you need to protect your head from objects that may cause an injury. The objects such as, debris falling from the river bank, trees from the, logs, stones in water, and many more. Besides, paddlers with little experience can flip with a twinkle of an eye in waters infested with sharp stones and other protruding sharp objects.

To prevent your head get hurt, it is advisable to wear kayaking helmet. There are different kayak helmets to choose from namely, open face or full face helmets that all paddler can choose from. The type of helmet to wear depends on where you intend to kayak, availability of the gadgets, costs, and other factors.

Kayak Safety Clothing

Before venturing into the waters with your Kayak, it is recommended to put on a quality safety clothing. There are different types of clothing that can help in times of trouble. These kayak clothing are the kayak life jackets, and personal floating devices. Personal floating devices are grouped into types ranging from type 1 pdf to type v pfd, and are recommended for different water levels.

Many paddlers would ordinarily go kayaking without putting on pfd or life jackets putting themselves into dangers. Many deaths have been recorded as a result pf paddling without safety clothing. As a matter of fact, this are the first rescue point before external aid can reach you for assistance.

Kayak Socks

The socks are useful to prevent your toss getting soaked all the times, easy to dry water sock are recommended as they dry within the shortest time possible after getting soaked. When kayaking with wounds on your leg, kayak socks can prevent harmful insect from reaching wounded or injured spots.

Kayak Shoes

Kayak shoes are what to wear kayaking, they will help prevent your toes getting pricked by sharp objects. There are different types of wearable kayak shoes to choose and these will depend on their availability in your area. Besides availability, cost is another factor to consider when doing selection of a good kayak shoes to wear.

Do not compromise on the quality going for cheap wearing to save you money, on the contrary, you better buy used or second quality kayak shoes rather than buying new outfit that will wears with one month.

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