What Should I Pack For A Weekend Kayak Trip?

The first-time Kayaker struggles to select the best kayaking accessories for their weekend trip. No matter what equipment you choose for the trip, there are must-have essential accessories to include in your lists. Besides, your Kayaking destination determines the type of kayak accessories to have. For example, a traveler going for mountain lakes with snow will require different items from a person visiting a low land lake with warm weather.

Kayak Life Jackets

Kayak Lifejackets.

Whether experienced or novice in water kayaking sport, it is must-have clothing for a weekend kayaking trip. Many take it for granted, yet lifejackets or also known as personal floating devices are the first point of rescue. Without a PFD, you’ll be part of the uncounted debris beneath the ocean. Do not take it for granted that you can swim therefore no need of wearing your life jacket. Remember that you are going for a voyage in unfamiliar territory and as a result adequate preparation is essential.

Kayak paddle

You require a paddle to move the Kayak in any desired direction. Going for a weekend trip requires a strong and durable oar. Kayak paddles are double-bladed. There are different types of Kayak paddles, such as Aluminum double paddle and many more to choose from. Having a strong kayak paddle will outstand advance rough and stormy weather as opposed to weak blades that are bound to break when subjected to little pressure. Do not get stranded because your oar is unable to perform but you would rather get stuck because the weather is extremely foggy.

Communication Equipment

Communication gadget is essential to communicate your whereabouts if you get lost deep inside the ocean. This is the only way to communicate with the outside world about your locality. It is important to have a working device full of power that can last the whole journey. Devices, such as mobile phones are very handy and easy to carry around.

Kayak Dry bag

Pack your belonging in a dry bag. It is recommended to have a floating waterproof backpack for kayaking. The bag will float when the boat flip and the items inside will be safe from getting soaked.

Kayak Raincoat

When planning for a trip, consider various types of weather that you are likely to encounter. Be prepared for rainy days and the only way to stay dry is to wear your rainwater kayak jackets. You will have the ability to Kayak during rainy days while other travelers will be grounded. Other items to consider are kayaking sport shoes, kayak first aid kit and many more.

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