What should I consider when buying a Tandem kayak?

There are several factors to consider when buying a Tandem kayak. These factors ranges from costs to durability of the Kayak. However, as a paddler there are general questions to ponder ad these helps make an informed decision.

Having a new Tandem kayak is a fun, exciting adventure. But it is important to know about what to look for to have the right boat that suits your needs.

When buying a tandem kayak, you have to think long and hard about your kayak equipment

Below is a list of what you should consider when buying a Tandem kayak

Purpose of the Kayak

Ask yourself whether the waters you wants to kayak favors the Tandem kayak. This the number one factor.

Kayaking Experience.

Besides, what experience level do you have to handle the Tandem kayak, is this type of a kayak suitable for you, or you may start with a more appropriate kayak before graduating to Tandem kayak. Don’t buy the Tandem kayak because your friends owns it, or you’ve read reviews online about its beauty and benefits. Ask yourself this, before having Tandem kayak, what were they using initially.


Do you plan to ride on the Kayak by yourself? Tandem kayaks has two seats as oppose to the normal kayaks that carries a single paddler. If most of the time you will spend with your friends in the waters, tandem kayak is what to consider.

But, as a single user, the Kayak is appropriate for the voyage but it wot be enjoyable as having two paddlers riding the boat.

However, paddling tandem kayak doesn’t requires a different techniques thus makes it ideal for beginner and professional. When out I the sea, paddlers must synchronized their movements to control the boat. Without coordinated approach, the Kayak becomes difficult to paddle.

Type of Tandem Kayak

There are different types tandem Kayaks designed for different usages. These are the recreational ad touring tandem Kayaks designed uniquely. For example, recreational tandem kayaks are more often wider.

With a wider base, it offers more stability when cruising the water which is best for the beginner. Here comes the Touring tandem Kayak which are wider but longer in length which makes it streamlined in water hence faster than the recreational tandem kayak.

Tandem Kayak Storage Space

This is another factor to consider among the selected tandem kayaks. Though, these kayaks have storage room for luggage, consider tandem with more spacious room that ca take a number of items without compromising the stability of the kayak.  The beauty of tandem Kayak is that when traveling aloe, use the other user compartment to store gears such as camping ad birdwatching stuffs.

Below is a list of other types of Kayaks to consider other than the tandem kayaks.

It is recommended to have suitable safety gears such lifejackets and personal floating devices(pdf) to avoid kayak injuries while paddling. As you buy the tandem kayak consider the kayak safety gear accessories too.

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