What Do You Need For Kayaking?

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular, and it is an excellent type of sport that allows paddlers to learn and understand the waters and enjoy great rivers and lakes. Besides, a kayaker experiences the beauty of fauna and flora, to travel continents, and to unwind in nature.

Kayaks offers a multitude of possibilities for water enthusiast, namely, sporting, mode of transport, fishing, recreation, and more.

But the question many ask is “What do you need for kayaking? Which is common among boat owners with no experience or parties interested in water sport activities and doesn’t know where to start. Kayaking is not inherently difficult.

However, to get started, it requires basic knowledge of the environment and a good attitude. Positive attitude and necessary items helps to keep you safe and avoid accidents. Kayaks can present risks for newcomers that you are well advised to acquaint yourself with kayaking accessories and equipment before proceeding.

Here is what you need for kayaking


Kayaks are crafts paddle in water. Therefore, you have to know where you will be going for kayaking. You can either kayak in the sea, rivers, oceans, and lakes. The fast moving rivers are suitable for whitewater kayaking and are recommended for experienced people. It is advisable for novice kayakers to start with low tide water or mild lakes.

But if you wish to attempt high speed rivers, it is prudent to seek the guidance of a qualified guide. Conversely, be on the lookout for crooked or unknowledgeable guides who might put your life in danger.

What you need to know about the water are; how high are the tides and at what locations are you likely to encounter them; the speed of the current and how it’s going to affect your boat; how strong is the wind and how are you going to navigate the headwinds.

Besides, the types of crafts allowed to kayak in specific location. Also, you need to know your starting point and where you intend to end your kayaking voyage. Let there be a landmark feature like a big tree, house or any other item that can lead you back to your destination.

A kayak

You require an equipment to sit in or on top which is not a canoe or a boat but a Kayak. Here is a quick definition of a Kayak. Moreover, there are different types of Kayaks meant for different lakes, rivers, and people. If you intend to go kayaking alone, consider buying a one person vessel.

This is typically for a single user. But if you want to kayak in a group of two or more people, there are many Kayaks types that fit your bill. For example, Intex Explorer two persons inflatable Kayak is ideal for such tours.

Also, Kayaks comes with several challenges for new paddlers. First, navigation is no easy task, try do repeated practice in shallow waters before venturing into deep oceans and high wave rivers. Second, inflatable kayaks are difficult to patch without technical know-how. I still remember how I had an awful patching process when my Intex explorer got punctured. Be prepared for any eventuality.

Lastly, select a kayak with the right length that will fit your need. Although modern kayaks models ranges from 3.5 to 6.7 meters (11′ 6″ to 22′). If you intend to go sea kayaking, it is recommended to purchase a 4 meters kayak to allow for superior tracking and control. Besides, these kayaks are easy to handle swells. “Choose a kayak suited to the type of water you expect to use it on.”

You need a Personal Floating Device or a lifejacket

For your personal safety, please be advised not to rower without wearing any life saving device. We have discussed the various types of pfd’s and their recommendations. Most rules and regulations dictate that you put on the right clothing and be careful not to use unauthorized life saver vest as this can lead to your arrest by the relevant authorities.

Kayak Paddle

We’ve looked at the water, kayaks, PFDs, and last but not least among the must have enablers for Kayaking is the paddle. Without a paddle you cannot move the vessel. There are different types of paddles for Kayaking and the most common are the unfeathered and feathered oars. Each design has both advantages and disadvantages and depends on where you are going for the water sporting voyage.

Water Sport rules and regulations for your locality

Different countries have varied rules and regulations governing the use of water vessels. For sea Kayaking, there are a must have if not mandatory equipment. These are essential equipment for small water vessel such as Kayaks. Here is a list of what you need for kayaking.

The sprayskirt

Unseaworthy kayaks lacks spray skirts and without this you are at risk of being submerged into the oceans and lakes. Its essential use is to provide a seal around the paddler. Once sealed no water will find its way into the Kayak.

A paddle bladder or float

It helps you get back into the Kayak after capsizing without external assistance. When in trouble, you simple rest the blade on the deck and use the paddle as a brace for climbing into the cockpit.

Other essential safety items are a spare paddle, geographical map to guide when lost or to assist discover new areas not toured before. Moreover, chart ruler and a first aid kit should be with at any time kayaking.

To Kayak, you need three basic things namely water, a kayak, paddle and lifesaver clothing’s. But, before going out read and understand the basic rules and regulations to protect you and your love ones from any unforeseen eventualities. One more thing, please never attempt to paddle while under the influence of alcohol. Kayaking while intoxicated is not only risky but a violation of watersport rules. Other than being drunk, avoid having your children Kayak alone. Kids should be out under strict supervision of their guardians and do not Kayak in the dark when visibility is very poor.

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