There are several Kayak rentals services available for both experienced and new kayakers in and around Lake Powell.

Here, we will discuss the top 5 notch Lake Powell Kayak rental tours and guides, which will eliminate the guesswork on where to launch your Kayak, thus saving you time and money.

Besides, the Kayak rentals companies servicing the reservoir have got the expertise to guide their clients.

In addition, each kayak rental firm at Powell provides customized tour plans that are pocket friendly.

Geographical Location

It is located in southeastern Utah. A section of the lake stretches to northeastern Arizona in the United States. The lake is second largest to Lake Mead, a beautiful Kayaking destination for boat enthusiasts. 


Hidden Canyon Kayak

Hidden Canyon is an adventure travel company licensed by National Park Service. The company provides kayaking trips and tours in Lake Powell and have circumnavigated the lake for over 15 years.

The services are for both individual and manageable group sizes for maximum satisfaction.

Hidden Rental offers at Lake Powell includes

Kayak Tour Package Includes

Lone Rock Canyon – This is a customized trip that costs$99 per adult / $80 per child. The package has.

  • Guided Kayaking trip for 3 hours
  • Guided kayaking for up to 9.6 kilometers
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Double kayaks
  • Paddlers pay to enter Glen Canyon National Recreation park
  • The trip requires two persons to be validated

The Multi-Day Trip

The package comprised of the following

  • Camping and Kayak accessories
  • Meals during the trip
  • Transportation to Kayaking areas
  • 3-Day Trips: $990/person

Overnight Trip

This package comprises of

  • Kayaking,
  • Hiking,
  • Swimming
  • Camping under the stars
  • Touring Lake Padre Bay
  • Four-course camping dinner at night
  • The package costs $550 per adult and $450 per child 16 and under
  • Departure location Antelope Point Marina
  • Departure time 10 A.M. (Arizona Time)
  • Return time the following day is at 2 P.M. (14:00)

Available Kayak for rentals

The company make available the Sit-On-Top: FeelFree Kayak – Gemini, with the following dimensions (Width: 32.6 inches (83 cm), and Length: 12.4 feet (3.7 m) with a maximum load of 550 lbs (250 kg)

The boat is designed for multitasking while enjoying the breeze and sceneries of Lake Powell. It is designed for kayak explores, kayak fishing, group kayaking, and more.

Lake Powell kayak rental cost

It cost $45.00 to enjoy one full day at Lake, however, there is an additional charge of $30 for an extra day


  • Easy paddling while taking photo sap


Can only carry a maximum of two people

Sit-On-Top: FeelFree Kayak – Nomad

The firm has a single sit on top Kayak suitable for persons with less than 150kg. The hardshell boat is stable and comfortable with a spacious cockpit and adequate storage space for medium kayaking luggage.

It has a width of 29.3″ (74.5 cm) and a Length of 9.6′ (2.9 m).

It will cost you $30.00 a day with additional charges of $25.00 for any extra day to rent a Nomad one person Kayak.

Where to pick up the kayak

  • 816 Coppermine Rd. Page. However, you will spend an extra dollar for the transportation of the Kayak.
  • You can pick your boat at 8.00 am and return at 5.00 pm Arizona Time with late returned is charged at $20.00


The company requires advance payments for the boats. Besides, the full amount has to be paid. However, Kayak, such as, isn’t booked in advance and available on first come first serve model.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your kayak reservation at any given time. For cancellation within 14 days, a processing fee of $10.00 applies, and outside the 14 days, you get your refund minus $20.00.


This is a family operated Kayak and Paddleboard enterprises with both rental and sales division.

It is found in downtown Page, AZ. Besides Kayaks rental, they provide other outdoor activities, such as, Stand up Paddle (SUP) and pack raft for rentals.

In addition to water sport activities, they provide bikes for rentals too. The companies’ guide is PSUPA ACA Certified. Kayaks and SUP available for rental and sales include Surftech, Bic, Bounce, Kialoa, Kokopelli, Glide, Perception, Ocean Kayak, and Aquabound.

Kayak rental packages

Strained on the budget, but you want to kayak the majestic canyon walls of the Lake Powell. Worry less, this customized package will enable you to tour the amazing sceneries for three hours.

During the 3 hours, you’ll kayak about 4.8km. What a better way for beginners and on budget kayakers to spend their time enjoying the canyons slot. Besides, you can enjoy Stand-up Paddleboard.

The three hours customized package is staggered between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm. Also, the early morning session is tailor-made for both SUP and kayakers enthusiasts.

Moreover, there is a customized two-hour kayaking voyage which commences at 4.00 pm. However, the package is for persons with 16 years and above. For children to Kayak Lake Powell, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting Venue and Time

  • Office, that is 836 Vista Ave)
  • Report to the venue 45 minutes before the commencement time, that is 7.15 am and 12.15 pm

Items provided

  • Life jackets

Items to carry

  • Sunscreen, and wear
  • Swimsuit.

Kayak Booking

For reservation, call 928-645-4017. Further, you will pay the National Park entrance fee of $30 separate from the kayaking package.

Other packages include the 5-Hour Antelope Canyon Tour, 4:00 pm Kayak Tour.

Cancellation Policy

The company reserve the right to cancel your booking at any given time. This can inconvenience kayakers if not done in advance for alternative arrangements. In case of cancellation, paddlers are refunded wholly.  

Inability to honor your date, but notify the company within 24 hours before departure, you are wholly refunded.

Late notices attract no refund. This includes notices made in less than 24 hours and same-day cancellation


A family-operated Kayak rental tour business located at 816 Coppermine Road. Page, Arizona 86040.

The company offers different types of Kayak rentals, such as Sit-On-Top Single, and Sit-On-Top Double Kayak Rental. To rent a single sit on top Kayak, you pay a fee of $30.00, and any extra day attracts a $25.00 fee.

While the Sit-On-Top Double Kayak attracts a fee of $45.00, with any extra day costing $30.00 per day and another $10 extra for the Malibu 2 XL.

Kayaking Packages

  • Lone Rock Canyon Morning or Sunset Kayak Tours at a price of $99 for adults, while a child pays $80. This is a half-day kayaking voyage lasting 3 – 3.5 hours. The awakening moment starts at Lone Rock Beach.
  • Antelope Canyon Morning or Sunset Kayak Tours. This is a half a day guided Kayaking expedition from the Antelope Point and will cost you $99 adult, $80 child
  • Antelope Canyon Breakfast Tour. This package is tailored for paddlers who wish to enjoy breakfast. It is a full day sport kayaking journey. The trip will cost you $175 adult, $155 child. The terrain is considered moderate and can be navigated by many paddlers.

Labyrinth Canyon Overnight Tour. What a better way to spend a night. Get an overnight guided kayak tour for a price of $495 adult, $400 child.

Other Kayak Rental Companies

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