Tilos Sport Skin Socks for Kayaking Review

Are you sick of poorly designed socks for kayaking and outdoor activities with poor material that absorb heat and make it uncomfortable to kayak or walk along the beach during sunny days? Or are you looking for sock to wear while kayaking, if yes, Tilos sport skin socks is the footwear to consider when doing selection. We have selected this particular water sock for a number of reasons besides the affordability.

Unisex for adults and Kids

The Tilo sock for water sport have different sizes for both adults and kids. You are comfortable walking along the beach if and only if your child is more comfortable on the footwear. You are at peace with yourself when the child is protected against the hot sand on the beach. Besides hot sun, it will protect both of you from sunburn, which are irritating and you are likely to spend money on their medication.

Multipurpose Water Sport Sock

Other than kayaking, the sock is designed for various outdoor water sports and beach activities. With the stretchy Lycra upper and adjustable ankle cuff, you can play beach soccer, volley, and more without slipping or squeezing. Further, it prevent blisters, and protect your feet from the hot and dirty sand. When kayaking, wear the sock to prevent yourself from stepping on unforeseen objects, which can cause harm to the feet. Offers flexibility and fun while playing sand volleyball, walking along the beach and in the scorching sun. Moreover, the socks are perfect for Jet skiing, snorkeling, beach sports, tide-pooling, or just hanging out!

Light Weight Sock

Tilo sock is a lightweight and weighs less than 1lb, and easily fit into a small kayaking backpack bag. When playing you will have your eyes set on the game rather than the being disturb by the weight of the sock. The Sport Skin Sock fit close to the skin and provide both insulation and protection for your whole foot.

Supratex sole for comfort and durability

The sole is sturdy to withstand extreme temperatures during use, while at the same time providing the required comfort. It gives your feet a sense of relief on hot or cold surfaces. A product that will last for a year if well taken care of. Many water sport socks hardly last for a few weeks after purchase. In fact, the poor designed kayaking start tearing from the sole and in a few days you are back at the retailer for a new product.

tilo sock for kayaking

Color and Size

If you are color conscious, the Tilo brand is spoilt for colors. From black, digital Green, Grey, Orange, black, and more to choose from. Sizes designed for both Adult and Kids, currently the available size to choose ranges from XS – 3XL. You have the sock that will perfectly fit your child and offers the desired feet security from external objects.

This is what a customer had to say “THESE are great for beach walking! The sand on the beach in Cabo heats up quickly during the day, and will actually burn your feet if you’re not careful!” (Amazon)

The Cones of Tilo Kayak sock

  • Return policy varies from different socks types
  • Might not fit properly
  • The floor can be tough for those undergoing feet therapy and need something extra soft.

If you find the Tilos Sport Skin Socks for Adults and Kids not suitable for, you choose from other brands available with different quality and pricing. We wish you a nice outdoor activities and Kayaking. If you are new to online stores and wondering where to buy the Tilo sock, consider get the product from Amazon online store, a secure and trusted eCommerce portal with range of products to choose from.

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