Thermoform Acrylic Sit In Sea Kayak for Sale Review

Welcome! In this review, you are going to learn more about advantages and disadvantages of acrylic kayaks, the company profile behind the “2018 vacuum forming thermoformed sit-in sea kayak” how to buy the kayak from China and other places. Besides, the kayak specifications, shipping, and payments methods are outlined to help you make an informed decision.

Acrylic Kayak Review

The Kayak is called 2018 vacuum forming thermoformed sit in a sea kayak for sale in china. This is the name given by the manufacturer from China. But once other retailers own the kayak, many tend to change the name to attract more customers and sales. For Example, in Amazon or any other online store, the kayak is named as a composite sea kayak.

Place of Origin

The Thermoform sit in a sea kayak is manufactured in Zhejiang, China, and mainland town of the country. Once produced the Kayak finds it ways to various markets, such as North America where it has about 40.00% followed by Western Europe nations with 30% total revenue, and last but not least the Eastern Asia with about 5% of total revenue.

In the company profile, it has not documented the amount of revenue it receives from the African continent. However, the company is receiving less sale from African countries due to the high shipping fee.

For example, from the company, the acrylic thermoform kayak cost $500, but to ship into Kenya, you are to pay “US$172,119.31 to Kenya by Express TNT.”  This is an insane amount that is beyond any kayakers dream.

Company Profile

It is time to have a look at the company behind the most sought after acrylic kayak. The acrylic thermoform kayak is produced by the Ningbo Yinzhou Honghui Mould & Plastic Factory. A company founded in China in the year 1995.

It covers a total of 3,750 square meters where all production and company activities are performed. Beside thermoform and plastic Kayak production, it is among the leading entities that manufacturer and design injection plastic molds in China. Also, the company specializes in the production of various types of plastics materials and molds.

To reach the factory, it is located in Yinzhou Dongjia Qiao Village Industrial Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, which is 3 kilometer from the airport, and close to the Beilun Port. A two-hour drive to Shanghai by car.


The company has a team of engineers, salespersons, and more.


To produce high superior and quality kayaks, the company deploy the latest and advanced technologies namely CAD / CAM / CAE to mold and design products. The increased revenue from foreign countries is as a result of advanced production methods and techniques.

To increase throughput, the company have introduced different types of CNC of a machine namely, electric pulses, precision grinders, and more.

Moreover, the company has a 6sets injection molding machine ranging from 80T-380T. The introduction of new technologies is to improve accuracy and capacity while automating the building of Kayaks. The company has a team of engineers, salespersons, and more.

ISO Certification

The company has received the following three ISO certifications, QA international certification group ISO9001 in the year (2011-2014).

Thermoform Acrylic Sit In Sea Kayak Specification

The Kayak hull is made of a combination of Acrylic and ABS with a total length of more than 4 meters. It is designed for a maximum of one paddler. This Kayak is none inflatable and branded as E-EIGHT.

This is a sit in Sea Kayak, besides, to can paddle the boat in any water that is clear, mild, flatwater, and rough waters. Other notable features are its ability to resist UV, and made of three hatches. It has a total weight of 150kgs.

If you weigh more than this, avoid this particular Kayak otherwise it will flip and cause death. Kayak deaths are not new and happen as a result of non-adherence to Kayak rules and regulations by mandated authorities such as the Coast Guards and marines.

Packaging & Delivery

The product is shipped as a single item, and the shipping package size is 430X61X42 cm with a single gross weight of 25.0kg. The order arrives in 1 bubble bag, with cardboard and 3 plastic bags.

During shipping, the boat is packaged in a 3 layer compartment to protect the kayak from possible outside object impact. When the order from the factory, the product arrival times varies depending on the quantity.

For example, less than 1000 kayaks are delivered in 30 days, while orders exceeding 1000 but less than 3000 takes about 40 days to arrive, above 3000 to 5000 kayakers takes 50 days, and quantity beyond 5000 have delivery time negotiated with the manufacturer.

To avoid all these time hurdles, we do recommend that you buy your Kayak at Amazon online shipping portal, convenient and safe e-commerce websites that serve almost all countries in the world.

The Advantages of Acrylic Plastic Kayaks

Did you know that Acrylic is a tough and transparent plastics, which is an alternative to glass? The Acrylic was once known as the Plexiglass™ when it was introduced for the first in the market. Today, the product is sold under different names and brands such as Lucite™, Optix™, and acrylic glass.

Nevertheless, the composition of the product has remained the same despite trading under different names. The chemical composition of Acrylic consists of synthetic polymer, one of the materials used during the second world War to make gear hears, glasses, periscopes, canopies, gun turrets, and more due to their toughness.

Acrylic are tough and shatter resistant

The kayaks are tough and do not shatter even after a collision with a hard surface objects like the rocks. This is what you need for a tough water kayaking like the sea where rough waves are common. They have a tensile strength of more than 10,000 lbs with the impact resistance of about 17 times the ordinary glass.

Are easy to fabricate and shape.

Due to this functionality and when subjected to 100 degrees heat, they are easily molded into different types of shape including but not limited to bottles, tubes, picture frames, and figurines. For Kayakers, they produced the best shape boats that will satisfy your needs and desire. Besides, during kayak shaping, molds from wood or plastic are used when available.

Ability to retain color

Your kayak will retain its color for a longer period as the material is resistant to advance weather condition, such as rain, fog, sunshine, and more. What this means you will save money on the purchase of paint. Besides, the material is UV resistant and not affected by a prolonged stay in the scorching sun.


If you require a lightweight Kayak, the acrylic kayak is the number one choice to consider. The material is lighter than the glass but still manages to maintain its toughness when subjected to an extreme environment. You will have a transparent Kayak for ages, without losing its color and shape.

Disadvantages Thermoform Acrylic Sit In Sea Kayak

When kayaking, though the material is tough, it will scratch more easily than the glass material. To avoid scratches, a lot of care is required to maintain its texture. To get the scratches off your Kayak, what you need to do is polish the acrylic and scratches will disappear. During polishing avoid using tough materials, such as sandpapers as this will add more scratches.

During Kayak production, they bend easily

Are susceptible to grease and oil, hence your Kayak will be greased when it comes it to contact with the material. Acrylic Kayaks are more expensive due to their quality compared to other Kayaks. Expect to spend more dollars to have your kayak deliver unto you in time. However, you can always escape the high cost by going for already used but quality acrylic kayak.


All said and done, acrylic kayaks are the best when you have deep pockets or when you want a long-lasting sea kayak. Besides, you do not have to go to China to buy your Kayak, as earlier explained it might be expensive to source your product directly from China manufacturers, but instead find already shipped acrylic kayaks at Amazon that arrives in a few days after purchase.

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