SLPG92027 Kayak Fishing Rod Floats Review

The SLPG92027 Shoreline Marine Kayak Fishing Rod Floats are essential kayak fishing safety gears. Be it flat lake, whitewater, or ocean fishing, the accessories shall protect your rods from sinking. When firmly secured with hook and loop straps, the rod is kept a float and improves on the visibility in rough water. Besides, the fishing kayak floats do not in any way affect rod usage but maintains the weight while providing additional security. There are a number of reasons why you should invest in this device as discussed below.

Why You Should Buy the Floats Rod for Kayaks Fishing

  1. When the kayak flip while fishing, the roads pop up immediately. It happens that when you accidentally drop in water, all items get scattered in all direction, but above all, the non inflatable equipment’s will sink. Because of this, it is recommended to carry with you dry waterproof backpack bag to keep your other valuables safe from water.
  2. When the fishing rods popped up, it save you money for rod replacement. Let say you did not fix the floats and the kayak tossed, the rods gone, you will spend more money to buy the entire fishing machinery, but worse still you have lost time and money for not spending $9.99 for the SLPG92027 marine rod floats.  
  3. The floats have a smooth texture and easy to fix strap which prevents intertwined fishing line from spiking on the rod.
  4. Are firmly secured on various rods types, such as IM6 medium heavy graphite rod. With this, you do not have to spent money buying different rod floats for different kayak fishing rods. What a way to multitask and save money for a better fishing rod.
  5. The floats works well with rod and reel combos, and protect them from sinking.
  6. Usable on baitcaster kayak fishing.
  7. Suitable for both short and long kayaking fishing pole, you are not worried about the length of your fishing rod.
  8. Protects your rods from occasional accidents when on Kayak. Mishaps are prone when kayak fishing. When tides and waves are unbearable, and the Kayak cannot cope with, it will ultimately flip.    
  9. SLPG92027 Kayak Fishing Rod Floats are unobtrusive and don’t interfere with casting.
  10. Suitable for kids fishing poles, they integrate and work great. Kids are playful and can forget that they were out fishing, and with unprotected rod.
  11. No worry about losing the fishing poles.
  12. Lightweight with a dimensions of: 11 x 1.6 x 5 inches and a shipping weight of shipping 0.3 ounces.
  13. Shipped worldwide but with a few exemptions.
  14. Currently available online, and package and sold by

Disadvantages Floats Rod for Kayaks Fishing

  1. Can tangle the line when reeling.
  2. Does not stick well on rods with a thick shaft.
  3. Your fishing line can easily be caught and tangle in the Velcro strap.
  4. A little noisy foam when releasing smacks.

There are other types of fishing rod floats to choose from if this is unsuitable for your usage. Besides, they are in many colors but a bright visible color is preferable to a dull rod float.

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