One of the most beautiful places to kayak in the United States is the Skokie Lagoons. Located in Winnetka, Illinois, this nature preserve is a system of seven lagoons on the Skokie River. A sanctuary for paddlers to enjoy the fresh waters, nature, and the lovely melodies from the flying birds.

Why Skokie Lagoons Kayaking

Skokie Lagoons Kayaking gives you a rush of adrenaline. You will get the best experience whether you want to take a surf lesson or a voyage with your besties. Besides, the Skokie waves leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and at peace with yourself.

Furthermore, the area has a rich history with Native Americans. The Skokie Lagoons is a traditional homeland of the Ojibwa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi tribes. Native Americans who continue to live in Chicago’s region.

Activities at Skokie Lagoons

The Lagoon is 894-acre and attracts visitors from all over the world for activities such as water exploration featuring public boat access, canoe and kayak rentals, fishing, biking, and hiking trails, and picnic areas (

Visitors can enjoy many activities in kayaks at Skokie Lagoons. You may enjoy a ride on a river. Many kayakers love fishing at Arrowhead Lake. You can join a paddling event. You can take beautiful photos with the family on the lake.

  1. Skokie Lagoons Kayaking

The natural pressures of Skokie Lagoons have clean, fresh, ad smooth waters. You may explore the rivers and lakes in the region. Big Bend Lake is a nice lake to enjoy kayaking on. All lakes have a boat launch for kayaks.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to create moments with your friend’s ad family.

A group can enjoy a ride in a large kayak. You may also take your dog with you in the kayak!

  • Paddling Events

Skokie Lagoons Kayaking features events for paddling. Groups paddle through particular rivers and lakes.

It makes kayaking fun and enjoyable activity with people, who share our passion for kayaking. Also, it is a chance to meet new kayakers and improve your skills.

  • Kayak Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular activities for kayakers. The Skokie Lagoons have many species of fish. Kayakers can catch their next meal! Bass, catfish trout, ad other types of fish live in the region.

You can enjoy the calm waters ad relax while fishing. Arrowhead Lake is one of the best spots for fishermen. Fishermen have access to deep waters in the lake. Arrowhead is also an ice fishing lake.

Preserving the Fish Population

Furthermore, it is important to protect the life cycle for fish. The population can survive for many years under limitations. There are limitations on the number of fish that you may catch every day. This list shows the daily limits.

  • Bass – 6 per day
  • Catfish – 6 per day
  • Northern Pike – 3 per day
  • Rainbow Trout – 5 per day
  • White Crappie – 15 per day

Where to Rent a Kayak in Skokie Lagoon

Do worry if you do not own a kayak. Skokie Lagoons have vendors with kayaks and other items for your trip.

These vendors sell fishing licenses, bait, equipment, and refreshments. The cost of renting a kayak is between $20 o $25 per hour. You will be ready to enjoy the Skokie Lagoons with the proper equipment.

You can rent kayaks from these four vendors.

  • Busse Lake Boating Center
  • Maple Lake Boating Center
  • Tampier Lake Boating Center
  • Tower Road at Skokie Lagoons

Rules and Regulations:

In addition, respect the laws for kayaks and fishing in Illinois. These are laws are for your protection. Illinois requires kayakers to be responsible for themselves and anyone in their kayaks with them.

Flotation Devices

The state of Illinois requires everyone in watercraft to have a personal flotation device. You may need it in case of an emergency. A flotation device can save your life if your kayak experiences a major defect.

Fishing License

The state of Illinois requires you to have a fishing license for fishing. You may purchase a license at one of the vendors at the Skokie Lagoons.

Kayak Rentals

A person must be 18 years or older to rent a kayak. Alcohol and glass bottles are not allowed. Dogs are allowed in kayaks. You are responsible for your dog’s safety.

Best time to go kayaking Skokie Lagoons

Finally, the spring and fall are the best times to go to the Skokie Lagoons. The weather will be warm instead of a hot blaze from the summer’s heat. You will enjoy the cool breeze in your kayak.

Why Skokie Lagoons Kayaking

You should consider to kayak at the Skokie Lagoons on your next visit to Illinois. Skokie Lagoons Kayaking is a fantastic experience. You will enjoy the beauty and nature of the nature preserve. The cool waters are the perfect spot for fishing and kayaking.

Other Places to go kayaking

Besides kayaking Skokie Lagoons, KENAI FJORDS has a magnificent coastline with appealing terrain awaiting exploration. Here are the reasons to consider kayaking Kenai Fjords. But if you want to Kayak the reefs, pack your kayak and accessories and head to Fort Lauderdale Reef.

These are interesting and insightful reads about Kayaking regulations for various States and Countries to assist in decision making when planning Kayak Tour.

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