SEEKWAY Kayak shoes are Unisex water shoes designed for both men and women with array of qualities and is essential for taking long Kayaking voyage be it sunny or winter weather. Best Kayaking shoes are not only made to handle just Kayak paddle splashes but to keep your feet from unwanted dangers. Your choice should be a sturdy footwear that is capable to protect your feet from water, rocks, and any harm in between. These are shoes to traverse Rocky River terrain, maneuver sneaky waves, and swim the beach water and more. Besides Kayaking, the shoes are suitable for windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, rafting, and walking along the beach.


Made from polyester material, designed with a smooth neck to prevent chaffing prevalent when wearing out of water. It has a unique sole ergonomically molded to absorb shock and protect our toe. For personal safety, the soles are manufactured of TPR materials. The material enables excellent air permeability and non-slip resistance. What is TPR? This is a material made of plastic with good abrasion resistance. The material is preferred by sport shoes manufacturing companies. Besides abrasion, the material is known for its ability to protect feet from sharp objects and hot sun.

The Seekway shoe for Kayaking upper section is made of quality diving material. These materials offers better breath ability and enables faster drying than ordinary beach sandals. They are flexible and comfortable and kayakers have the ability to wear them for long hours without feeling pitches. When worn, you feel great and comfort, this is as a result of the materials for manufacturing which makes it elastic, light, compressible and easy to carry at any point we go out for kayaking or any water kayaking activities.

When buying a kayak shoe, it is advisable to go for a water-ready material with the ability to offer full coverage of the feet with an excellent grip capabilities. Consider purchasing Kayaking shoe with ability to dry within the shortest time possible with a heavy- duty anti-slip soles lugs.


“Perfect for beach games, swimming, surfing, pool, sailing, water park, boating, kayaking, beach volleyball, fishing, walking, car-washing, vacation, Pilates and yoga etc. Especially for family outings!”

Product Popularity

Our sample from various online stores found this product popular among many water sport users. For example, in Amazon store, we have over six hundred reviews by users. You will get these reviews helpful when making decision for what to go for.


A water sport user in Jamaica was planning a family vacation to climb the waterfalls, tour Blue Hole and the rain forest, to prepare for the trip the customer “purchased (4) pairs for my husband, myself and our (2) adult kids in 20’s”.  From the feedback, the customer attest to the quality of the shoes, however, one of the pair was slightly large and kept falling off on the back of the foot which made it difficult to jump the water cliff. With such sentiment, it is recommended that you buy the right size and color to enjoy every moment of the trip. In general, “They were super for wearing on the wet rocks and kept us from slipping like some people were. They were also nice to want on the gravel to protect our feet. I would highly recommend these for canoeing or white water rafting as well.”

This what one customer had to say “these extraordinarily comfortable shoes have a soothing and comfortable fit?” We hope that you will find this review helpful while selecting a kayaking shoe. We wish a wonderful Kayaking picnic around the world.

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