Best Places to Kayak on the Potomac River

Best Places to Kayak on the Potomac River

There are many best places in the world for kayaking, one of those unique and conducive for paddlers is the Potomac River. The Potomac River is 652 km in length that flows through West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Besides, the river separates Virginia and Maryland on the left. Potomac River offers one … Read more


kings land kayaking

Why Kings Landing Kayaking Florida is famous for its fabulous theme parks and also attractions. Consider doing kayaking to enjoy a beautiful nature the state offers. Across the state, there are also some natural springs you can enjoy. You can access the nearby springs by kayaking right from Kings Landing. So where is Kings Landing? … Read more


Skokie Lagoon Kayaking

One of the most beautiful places to kayak in the United States is the Skokie Lagoons. Located in Winnetka, Illinois, this nature preserve is a system of seven lagoons on the Skokie River. A sanctuary for paddlers to enjoy the fresh waters, nature, and the lovely melodies from the flying birds. Why Skokie Lagoons Kayaking … Read more