OEM/GB Carbon Kayak Paddle Review

In this review of OEM/GB kayak paddle, the following are areas of interest that will help a paddler make an informed decision about this particular paddle; the brand, company profile, advantages and disadvantages, paddle length and specifications, shipping, and payment methods.

The Kayak Paddle Name

The manufacturer has labeled this paddle as the “Hot selling adjustable burgundy carbon fiber wing kayak paddle”. Note that in other online shopping portal, the paddle is branded as an OEM/GB kayak paddle.  If you come across the two names then we are referring to the same oar.

Place of Origin

The G&B Kayak Paddle is manufactured in Mainland China in a town called Zhejiang. When purchased from china, the OEM/GB paddle is shipped through the port of Ningbo/Shanghai and may take a few or several days to arrive depending on the delivery destination. When sourced from Amazon, the product takes one to two days to arrive within the US states while outside USA it may take up to a week before you receive your consignment.

Company Profile

G&B is a manufacturing company involves in the designing and production of various types of kayak paddles, such as the dragon kayak paddles, the standup paddling (SUP) paddles, wing, wing blade, sea kayak paddles, canoe outrigger paddles, modern oar for rowing, and more.

The company strive to produce the most advanced and easy to use paddles. To achieve this, G&B uses high quality materials together with sophisticated graphic designer to meet the demand of its clients.

Kayak Paddle Review of Building Material

OEM/GB is purely produced from carbon material, however, the blade is manufactured from the aluminum oar. The benefit of carbon paddle is the ability to allow the user to control blade stiffness. In addition, it offers flexibility in handling the shaft, and blade flex. Therefore, it improves effectiveness and efficiency of the paddle. The material is known to provide a better grip than other ingredients, and as a result doesn’t arc.

When paddling the carbon paddle does not bend or lose it shape as opposed to other paddle materials. Good carbon materials are notably tough but still are light in weight requiring little energy to propel the kayak. A paddler enjoys every moment of the carbon paddle, from softness, firm grip as oppose to non carbon paddle materials, which are sluggish, heavy, and requires a lot of energy to oar.

Other Notable Advantages

  • CNC wounding
  • PVC foam core
  • Hand layup for coating blade
  • Prepreg technology for producing shaft and handle
  • Rock-hard fiber blade edge
  • One year warranty from the company from the date of delivery.

Kayak Paddle Shaft Material:

It is made of 100% 3k twill carbon, an anti-slip material and 100 % UD carbon. Moreover, the shaft shape is round and adjustable with a metal length lock for ease of maneuverability.

Shipping methods

The paddle is shipped to your destination using any of the available methods By Express, this is a door to door delivery and possible if applicable in your country. When doing purchase provide relevant EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS account for timely delivery.

The product can also reach you by sea, and this requires the customer to provide the closest destination seaport, and lastly, the paddle can reach you by the air, when opting for air transport it is advisable to provide details of your nearest cargo landing airport.

Remember that shipping cost is applicable to the customer and depends on the type of transport chosen. Ordering more than 20 pieces guarantees a wholesale price at a better deal.

Kayak Paddle Length

Part Length
Blade size 49 cm  x 16.2 cm
Blade size 50 cm x 16.5cm
Paddle weight 650+20g
Paddle weight 700+20g
Paddle length 190cm-230cm(10cm for adjustment)

How to Pay for GB Paddle from China

The company has two payment methods namely,

1. PayPal, those opting for PayPal are charged 4.5% handling fee, and

2. Bank Transfer (T/T): When you opt for bank wire, the company expect full payment when placing your order or the paddler to pay 50% when ordering then complete the remaining balance before shipment.   Other online stores such as Amazon have different payment mechanisms and delivery options,


With the many advantages you get from buying the OEM/GB kayak paddle, there are drawbacks that you must take into account. The paddle weight is light, and subjecting it to heavy kayaks or boat will rendered it useless. Do not use the paddle on a heavy wooden boat or a canoe, if this happens, the shaft will tear apart in a few second.

Be on the lookout on the manufacturer defects. These defects can range from poor finish, incomplete or nonadjustable shaft material to broken blade. Further, the average waiting can span to 35 days, but this depends on the order quantity and location. When outsourcing the paddle from china, considers the urgency and if in dire need of the item, it is advisable to buy the product from Amazon retail portal.

Finally, a quality carbon kayak paddle is best suitable for all paddlers, whether you are a sit on or top, whitewater kayaking, flatwater kayaking and more. Besides, expect to spend more on the carbon kayaking paddle as oppose to other paddles for satisfaction and pleasure. Further, to use the paddle safely, it is recommended to learn how to use a paddle for kayakers with little knowledge.

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