Ocean Kayak Paddle Tips

When kayaking in the Ocean for the first time, you may have no idea, skills, and knowledge to make the most out of your trip. But, does it means paddling in the ocean for the first time is more difficult or hard. The answer is yes and no, as you will realize that Ocean kayaks are very easy to manipulate.

However, you need to have basic kayaking skills in calm water. In tranquil water, newbies quickly get to understand the boat and paddling techniques. In low tide lakes and rivers you get to practice boarding and getting out of the Kayak by yourself.

Once you have learnt getting in and out of the Kayak, it’s time to venture into deep and salty water. Now that you are ready to go, first observe kayak safety rules. Do not go kayaking without wearing your lifesaver jackets. Oceans are prone to heavy winds and waves and as a result your kayak can flip when poor judgement is made. During such situations, the first rescue point is the personal floating device you are putting on. Besides, there are different types of pdf, but, it is prudent to put the right Kayak clothing for high wave.

Ocean Kayak Paddle Tips Are

  • Use long kayak paddles if you want a longer stroke.
  • Use short paddles for shorter stroke.
  • For faster stroke, shorter paddles are more effective and efficient.

To paddle in the ocean, relax your hands when holding the oar. It is always to interchange the paddle when it is loosely grip. You have the ability to manipulate the paddle to conform to the type of stroke being applied.

Keep your torso in a vertical position

A good sitting posture will enable you to kayak long distance while applying less energy. The best position is to have your torso in a vertical locus. Human beings have ligaments in the legs which helps stores and supply elastic energy. When kayaking and your legs are moving back and forth, elastic energy is released that helps provide the required force to propel the paddles.

Therefore, select the best position for your footrest as this allows the knees to bend slightly when rowing. Moreover, Achilles tendon that connects muscles to the calcaneus is a source of energy for paddling.

Apply energy from different body organs

Many paddlers concentrate in the usage of arms forgetting the other body parts which are crucial in applying energy. To ensure greater efficiency, use your shoulder to paddle in the ocean. To be effective, start out easy until you get the paddle grip. Whereas experienced kayaks prefer feathered paddle to make the most out of ocean journey, beginners may find favors with unfeather paddle blades.

Use Kayak Gloves

Paddling gloves prevents your hands from harmful sharp and blisters for firster paddlers. Finally, the more you practice kayaking, the more you acclimatize yourself with harsh and unfavorable climatic condition.

These are ingredients for physical fitness improvement. Lastly, for beginners do not go kayaking alone for the first time. Be in a company of other Kayakers to learn more about the ocean features and how to avoid unnecessary mistakes made by learners.

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