Why Kings Landing Kayaking

Florida is famous for its fabulous theme parks and also attractions.

Consider doing kayaking to enjoy a beautiful nature the state offers. Across the state, there are also some natural springs you can enjoy. You can access the nearby springs by kayaking right from Kings Landing.

So where is Kings Landing? The location of Kings Landing is in Apopka, Florida. Kings Landing offers perfect water running covered with beautiful trees.

How to Kayak Kings Landing

Kings Landing provides a couple of options, one is just hiring a canoe or kayak to paddle out and then back it in. Another option is hiring a canoe or kayak and then paddles it about 8.5 miles run down the river.

The canoe or kayak then will be collected. Kings Landing offers some daily tours along the Rock Springs Run. The tour includes an intermediate or beginner paddle upstream through a relaxing float back to the launch location.

Rock Springs is such a nice tour for those searching for crystal clear kayak with crystal clear water underneath. The depth of the paddle is only two to four feet which makes it effortless to escape to enjoy the water.

Kayaking Hours at Kings Landing

Since the trip is 8.5 miles in length, it will take about four hours to kayak unless you’re not in a rush. It doesn’t need a prior reservation but you have to make sure to arrive and get into the water before 11 am.

When you already reached the marina, look at the signs turned to the Kings Landing Dock. The shuttle time is seasonal. On weekdays, pick up is at 4 pm while during weekends, the pickups are at 4 pm and 2.30 pm. make sure to verify your preferred pickup times as soon as you rent the kayaks or canoes.

King Landing Kayaking Fee

Before going to the water, make sure to pay the fee for the launch before. At Wekiva Island, if you want to make use of their boat ramp, it will cost you money too.

Ahead kayak’s launching at King’s Island, you can paddle down Rock Springs Run to Wekiva River State Park. The launch fee is $10 and $5 for those less than twelve years old, $20 is for launch and shuttle reversion with your boat.

Kayaking Challenges at King Landing

Kayaking is about balance. Multiple factors can include or even take from stability. However, there are also plenty of difficulties you will encounter when kayaking down the river.

First of all, choose the kayaking location and determine where you are going to kayak. The condition of the water changes gradually depends on the weather. It can make kayaking dangerous.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations at Kings Landing are simple. You just have to wear a life jacket and then get the kayaks or canoes back. The staff will pick them up at certain times.

Kayak Rental at Kings Landing

Kayak or canoes rental is available before 11 am. You have to pay $50 for 3-seaters canoes, $50 for one person kayak and then $60 for two-person kayaks. The rental includes pickup at Marina, floatation equipment, boat, and also paddles.

If you look for a place to stay nearby, there are plenty of inns or hotels available which is affordable and comfortable. The hotels are just a short drive right from the outdoor explorations.

Besides doing kayaking activity, if you opt for another fun activity you can consider floating using an inner tube along Rock Springs Run. You can hire a tube which is inflated. You need to pay $7 to hire the tube.

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