Welcome to the first issue of Kayaking traveling tips. These tips aimed to assist paddlers with valuable information on how to organize and have a tress free kayaking journey.

Without proper packaging and good planning, you’re bound to have a chaotic expedition that is likely to cost you more, left you disoriented and wasted.

This guide is an essential tool to remind you of some of the most basic items we tend to assume but end up ruining our long-awaited voyage.

Here, let’s discuss Kayaking packing secrets to prepare you for the trip.

Before traveling, there are numerous packing tips and guidelines that one can follow. However, for kayakers, here is a list of what to consider and have been tested for many years.

Kayaking Packing List

The first item in your itinerary is to write down a list. Why? It saves you time. With the list, you will know where to locate every item needed for your kayak trip. You can easily remember any forgotten kayaking accessories and other items by going through the lists several times. 

For more information on kayaking accessories, please feel free to check our guide on essential kayak accessories 

Another reason to have your list done, it helps eliminate panic associated with last-minute packing. The panic mode does set in when during the eve of your trip. This is the time not to start thinking of what to pack, their location, and how to have them. 

The list will act as a guide when repacking your kayaking laguge after the kayaking trip. Besides, you can use it to trace, recover, and claim any lost item. The list helps more when traveling to multiple destinations as you can go through the list after each destination is covered.

To help you do an exhaustive list, it is advisable to write down the events you are likely to go to during kayak tours. With this, you can write down some possible clothing for kayaking, weather clothing, and other related attires.  

It is recommended to choose kayak outfits that suit the weather and locality you intend to spend most of your kayaking voyage. Get a notebook to write all these items. After creating the list of items you expect to carry, go through the checklist ad isolate the must-have item, and ensure they are clean and in a good position for Kayak excursion.

Kayaking Traveling Tips: Personal Items.

Other than kayaking accessories, you need items such as lotion, razors, and a toothbrush. To manage your skin due to sun rays, you need an ointment to protect your skin from such.

Besides, staying in water for the better part of the day not only leaves you exhausted but leave your skin rough, hence you need an oil to smoothen the skin texture.

Carry disposable razors ad toothbrush for tented camping in the wilderness after kayaking. However, you can bring along electric models if you are renting a hotel or an apartment.  

It is advisable not to pack jewelry items for water excursions, these are items that can easily get lost in the water.  Besides, flashy objects can easily attract thieves if you cruising unprotected waters or places with limited security surveillance. In a nutshell, ever carry with you an item you can’t afford to lose.

Tips for Kayaking Toiletries

There are several toiletries items you should take on a kayaking trip, such as scented lotions, toothpaste, soaps, and more. To ease your movement, carry items that are available in small sizes and can be packed in a small and medium-size backpack for kayaking.  

Here is a list of the 10 best waterproof backpacks for long-distance travel to choose from. 

When traveling outside your country to kayak, find out what items you are permitted to carry as many airports are restricting certain items such as liquid.   

Remember to carry a small first aid kit. Kayak accidents are on the rise, and with your health kit, you can tackle minor injuries without seeking external medical care. Besides, you can assist other paddlers without essential kayaking kits but are in trouble after a kayak flip. 

Your first aid kit contains emergency medicines, such as aspirins, pain killers, sunscreen, ad a multipurpose kayaking knife. However, find out what you can carry on the plane ad to your destination.

How to pack your kayaking essentials

The following are the essential item packing guide to follow.

  • Iron your kayaking clothing before packing into the traveling suitcase or the kayaking backpack. Union clothes will take a lot of space ad limits the number of clothes a suitcase can carry to a bare minimum. 
  • Good backpacks have buttons and zippers, ensure to button and zip all zippers.
  • Roll the T-shirts, jeans, skirts, sports coats, and gently and tightly pack in the backpack. 
  • All your kayaking socks, underwear, and shoes should be placed separately for ease of reach. 
  • Ensure to label all your language with your names ad contact details. Besides your phone number, provide an email address as an alternative should the phone details you provided fail to work due to network coverage problems.
  • Avoid providing your residential details in your language. Doing so can attract potential bad characters, such as thieves in your place.
  • Remove old claims slips to avoid confusion.

Travel Documents

As part of your travel list of essentials, remember to carry all the necessary documents, such as passport, medications, traveler’s checks, and more. Check other valuables, namely, keys, phone cases, etc. These items shouldn’t find their way into the backpack luggage where clothes and toiletries are.

Traveling papers should be kept safe for ease of retrieval. Besides, they should be out of bad weather where they can easily get soaked. 

As the travel and camping come to an end, you are going to have challenges packing your balled up ad dirty kayaking clothing. To have your clothes fit, consider washing and ironing. Once done, repack your clothing the same way you packed them at the beginning of the journey.

Poorly done packing after the trip will cost you additional cash for the purchase of an extra bag. You can use the same amount to iron your clothing in the residential hotel.     

Lastly, packing at the very least is the start of a fruitful kayaking journey, and starting off with well-packed items leads to a stress-free trip.


Besides the normal kayaking accessories, such as Kayak pedals, lifejackets, and more

Here, let’s discuss some of the must have traveling gadgets you should bring on every kayaking trip. These are off water traveling gadgets that will compliment other Kayaks accessories and equipment.

To make your journey stress-free, carry basic digital accessories. Below are a few must-have gadgets. 

Digital camera – It is necessary to have a photo and a video capturing device. During your kayaking expedition, you will come across the beautiful scenic that is best kept for future references. Tip: “for travel snapshots, choose a point-and-shoot camera that is ultra-light and small but is capable of taking high-pixel density photos.” 

In addition, go for photo digital cameras with image stabilizer, face recognition, vestigial viewfinder. The viewer finder is for taking quick snaps. The best cameras that are easy to carry and store safely are the small ultra-light models. 

12-language global translator – Use this translator to interact with foreign guides. It will ease communication between you and the local guides saving time and money searching for a translator. They are useful in foreign countries where no one speaks English. 

However, there are other states of the art technology ad high-end language translator with speech recognition and handheld scanner for text input. Though, they are superior but will cost you more money.

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