Kayaking Fort Lauderdale attracts people together from different societies, economic status, and background. And Fort Lauderdale is more than just a kayaking paradise. The water body is adorned with a variety of sceneries for outdoor enthusiasts, a quiet ecstasy for evening paddling adventure under the stars. When exhausted the current are at your service to do most of the kayaking making it best suitable for beginners kayakers. Besides, the clear and calm waters are ripe for sightseeing and wildlife viewing.

Why Go Kayaking Fort Lauderdale

Besides yachting, bird watching, fishing, and surfing, Fort Lauderdale has extensive network of canals estimated to cover 165 miles of waterways for paddlers to enjoy within the city. The canals are popular for recreational activities for both locals and foreign paddlers. In addition, the city has a serene shoreline along the beaches covering 7 miles that borders several municipalities.

Where to Kayak Fort Lauderdale

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

This 180 acre is a natural beauty which attracts thousands of kayak tourists every year. Here you will discover a breathtaking nature trails, camping and picnic sites. Kayaks and canoes of different shape, size, and type’s bevy the ocean-front to indulge in adventurous water sport activities.

Where to Rent a Kayak in Fort Lauderdale

Getting to Fort Lauderdale with your personal Kayak is the best option to ponder. Having your craft means you are in a position to Kayak the whole day without a budget constraints. Besides, it is easy to navigate the canals, rivers, and beaches with the boat that you are familiar with.   But there comes a time when travelling with a boat is too cumbersome, more so to those outside the state. In such a situation, you are left with no option but to rent Kayak.

There are many Kayak rental services in Fort Lauderdale that you can choose from. However, not all kayak rental companies have all types of kayaks and accessories for varied paddlers. Here is a list of one such company to consider whether you need a kayak for fun or workout.

American Watersports Inc.

When planning your Fort Lauderdale Kayaking vacation in Florida and you don’t have a craft to use during your stay, it is time to turn to AWS. It has several Kayak types for rentals, such as, single and double kayaks for rentals. A simple ride for an hour will cost about $30 to enable you have a glimpse at great sceneries, exercise for health fitness, and bond with your loved ones. Other than kayaks for rental, the company offers Jet Ski rentals, SUP rentals and beach furniture rentals. For further inquiry, please contact the company through (954) 946-1811.

About Fort Lauderdale

Before going kayaking Fort Lauderdale, let’s have a look at some basic facts about the town.  The town is found in the U.S, state of Florida with rich and culturally diverse locations that makes it a tourists’ haven destination. The latest 2018 census data estimate that the city’s’ population stand at 182,595. Besides, it is the administrative city of Miami metropolitan area with a land cover measuring 89.58 km2 (34.59 sq. mi) while the water covers an estimated area of 4.44 km2 (1.71 sq. mi).

The Name

The city was built during second Seminole War by the United States, it was name after Major William Lauderdale between (1782 –1838) who was the younger sibling to Lieutenant Colonel James Lauderdale.

Growth of tourism

Ft. Lauderdale is a town dotted with pristine beaches which were until 1961 a no go zone for African-Americans. And for beach lovers the Colored Beach by then hosted whites for outdoor activities, such as, historical land mark viewing, as well as city’s best hotels and restaurants. The town status have changed and it’s a dream destination full of wondrous beauty and exotic charm for tourists from all over the world.


Water transport in the city dates back to 1893 when Frank Stranahan operated a ferry in the New River. The road network to the Negro beach (public beach) was developed as a result of sustained African Americans protests in 1961. It forced the authorities to disregard the racial segregation policy on public beaches after a verdict delivered by Ted Cabot.

Weather Partner Kayakers to Observe

Dry Season Kayaking

If you intend to Kayak Fort Lauderdale in dry season, prepare for the months of November through April which are known for the hot meteorological conditions. This period is characterized with warm, dry, and sunny atmosphere. The highest temperature recorded ranges from 75 – 80 0 F while the lowest data indicate that the town records about 57–64 °F.

The weather is hot and it is advisable for paddlers to equip themselves with adequate water to quench their thirst. In addition, have kayak accessories that are capable of preventing sunburn.

Wet Season Kayaking

If you love rain kayaking, the best months to go out kayaking Fort Lauderdale is during the month of May and October. The weather is typically hot, humid, and wet with the highest temperatures ranging between 30–32 °C while the lowest temperature stand at 22–24 °C. Kayaking equipment required during rainy season includes water proof backpack for clothing storage. The bags will keep your laguge dry. If you have cell phones, a bag with a separate compartment is recommended to isolate the phone from other clothing.

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