Best Kayak Helmet for Paddlers

One of the simplest things about kayaking is that it is often as strenuous or relaxing as you would like it to be. If you’re after excitement, then whitewater kayaking is strictly the push you’re trying to find.

Buying a kayak helmet should be a number one priority in your Kayak shopping list. Head gears offers protection against injuries and bad weather such as, heavy rains, shinning, and storm, among others. There are many types of kayak helmet to choose from, and with varying features that guarantee safety for your head during kayak accidents. But how does one choose the simplest kayak helmet, cost effective, and most durable head gear gadget?

The helmet shell is the first line of defense in absorbing impact forces and reducing a potentially skull-cracking blow to a minor bump. Generally, the stiffer the shell, the simpler it’s. Composites like Kevlar and carbon fiber are the stiffest, with lightweight advantage.

We have compiled an inventory of the 7 best kayak helmets and a buying guide to assist you in decision making.

Top 4 Half Kayak Helmets

NRS Chaos Side Cut Kayak Helmet:

This is the simplest cheap whitewater kayak helmet. Usually, whitewater kayaking helmets are costly, but not this one. The helmet can protect most adults. Its lightweight shell makes it easy for you to maneuver with none hassle. One of the good features of this helmet is that nearly any adult can use it.

Chaos Side Cut may be a great and powerful helmet, made up of ABS plastic. It handles abuse well. Besides, it features a double-thickness EVA foam liner to soak up impacts better, which also gives the helmet a more custom fit.

NRS kayak helmet ranges in sizes and colors, and all depends of your taste as a paddler.


  • Universal, applicable for many user other than kayaking.
  • Eva foam liner for nice impact protection
  • DialFit system allows custom fit with just an easy twist of a knob
  •  Thicker EVA foam for improved safety
  • Eight ventilation openings


  • Little bit unstable

The Strutter Kayak Helmet:

A lightweight, low-volume helmet, the Strutter captures the classic jockey cap design with a computerized 3D shape. We found that this simple-looking little helmet had tons of advanced technology inbuilt.

Moreover, it a high-quality helmet with ability to protect your head from falling hard objects, and as a result it will cost you more compare to other helmets for kayaking.

Extra protection is provided by a carbon fiber reinforced polymer inserted on the helmet front shell. The EVA liner absorbs shock and has high-memory fit characteristics, which allows it to conform to the users head.

With conformity comes additional comfort. The soft polypropylene chin straps give good stability and make this helmet comfortable for all-day wear.


  • Light and cozy to wear all-day
  • European made by a pioneering company
  • Sporty looks


  • The helmet sits Quiet high on some head shapes

Trident Composite Helmet:

Trident features a sleek design form for comfort. In addition, it’s made of a rugged carbon composite shell that mixes with an EVA foam liner and polyurethane sub-shell. These features and composition enables the kayak helmet with stand high impact effectively.

It has a removable and replaceable with 9 adjustable fit pads. The strap system automatically adjusts to carry the helmet in situ against the force of rushing water.


  • Sleek and classy design
  • Carbon composite shell
  • EVA inner line
  • 9 adjustable fit pads


  • No ear protection

Full Kayak Helmets

Sweet Protection Helmet:

If you’re after a top-notch whitewater kayaking helmet, it is advisable to consider fashionable sweet Protection Rocker helmet.

It is designed to withstand the toughest rapids and offers first-class durability and protection. The inner lining is formed from EPP foam which most kayak helmets utilizes.

The integrated Coolmax system provides the required cooling and hygienic atmosphere. The Occigrip retention system will make the helmet firmly secure and adjust ability.


  • High-quality
  • First-class protection
  • Low weight


  • High in price

Shred ready’s Helmet:

The top-shelf model in Shred Ready’s ABS helmet line, this quality Fullface kayak helmet gives the very best level of protection. The gadget is robust, light, comfortable, and affordable full-face helmets available for paddling and other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and more.

The detailing and luxury features on this helmet are excellent, as we’ve found with other Shred Ready helmets we tested.

However, like all full-face helmets, the fit is critical since the helmet encloses the whole head, there’s a better chance of getting pressure points and discomfort. Restricted vision also can be a problem.

  • With a full-face model, you need to ascertain that the helmet fit your head shape and offers maximum comfortability.
  • If it fits your head, the Shred Ready Full face is one of the best kayak full-face helmet to consider adding into kayak accessories basket.


  • American made
  • Stylish protection at a coffee price
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Comfortability depends on your head shape

The Tontron Helmet:

The Tontron Helmet may be a fairly typical ABS-shell helmet with an EVA foam liner. The helmet is comfortable and fairly light-weight, but what is interesting is that the number of features it has.

The hard plastic mounts on the surface of the shell provide extra protection from an emergency impact. This is the foremost versatile helmet in our review, and considering the worth price range it falls into, we recommend it as a really bargain.


  • Comfortable full-wrap liner
  • Removable ear guards
  • Camera and lightweight mounting systems included
  • Low Price


  • Lack of fitting pads
  • The manufacturer isn’t well-known

What to consider buying Kayak Helmet:

The type of kayaking helmet you would like depends on several factors, namely, type of kayaking, such as whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, lake or river kayaking, cost of the helmet, type and shape of the helmet, such as full face or half ace models.  For greater protection consider the full face helmet design.

Check the Retention System

One of the important parts of a kayaking helmet is that the retention system. The system must be comfortable and secure.

When purchasing a helmet, confirm that the strap has sufficient padding comfortability during your paddling sessions. It is recommended to buy helmet for kayaking with a retention system.

Moreover, the retention systems must have four or more points of contact, webbing supports, with two or more adjusters for head fitting.

Size and Shape of Kayak Helmet

It’s necessary that you simply find a helmet that matches your head perfectly.

Most helmets have adjustments that will assist you secure gear firmly in the right place preventing back and forth movement. The helmet should remain intact even when pushed by the force of water.

  • Your helmet shouldn’t move around your head. Some helmets have adjustable chin straps ahead and behind the ears.
  • A better helmet should cover your entire head, including the forehead. Moreover, it should have an extension that covers the nose.

Kayak Helmet material

Kayaking helmets are made using layers of materials. The outer layer is typically made from hard plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. The outer layer is meant to distribute the impact force throughout the shell.

Within the helmet, you’ll find a cell foam lining that absorbs the impact and protects your head from damage. The layer closest to your head is formed from a soft material that adopts the form of your head.

It makes the helmet easier. Lastly, a good kayak helmet should fit perfectly well on your head. It should have the ability to protect your head from injuries arising from impacts.

It should be comfortable and visible to enable the rescuers find you in case of emergency or accident. When buying a kayak helmet, you ought to make sure that it’s suitable for the intended waters.

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