Is It Easier To Kayak Or Canoe?

Is it easier to kayak or canoe, this is one of the frequently asked questions by people interested in Kayaking or canoeing. Kayaking is an art that can be mastered by anybody interested in Kayaks. The answer to this question is YES, it is easy to kayak or canoe. To Kayak, get the basics about kayak boats. Learn by practice and compliment by books and related writings and documentaries. Practical lessons are the best method to get accustomed to kayaking techniques. During your first encounter, you will learn the very basics, such as sitting position, paddling techniques, and more.

Is it easy to Kayak

Your first encounter with a kayak or a canoe will vary depending on your ability to withstand your fears. First timer kayakers are afraid of getting into the water and this makes it difficult to balance the kayak. Confront your fears and you are good to go. The first obstacle in learning kayaking is how to get into the Kayak and positioning yourself for the voyage.

Before boarding your kayak in the water, practice a mock boarding by placing your kayak on the ground and continuously practicing getting into the boat. However, avoid placing inflatable and foldable kayaks, such as Intex Explorer on a hard surface. The hard surface contains sharp objects that are likely to pierce the canvas materials. Once punched you will have difficulty patching the Kayak. I had a difficult and awful session patching my Intex Explorer Kayak.

While on the hard surface, learn how to hold the paddle, there are various types of Kayak paddles including aluminum double oar, OEM GB Carbon paddle and more. Paddling for the first time isn’t easy without guidance. You will find yourself holding the blade upside down. Basic paddling techniques are easy to practice off the water as you are able to hold and move the paddle easily.

Learn the Basic Paddling Techniques

First-time kayakers get it hard to move the Kayak forward and backward. Besides, this is a learning curve for any person to acquire skills. You will love it when the boat keeps on moving left, right, back and forward. Balancing the canoe at this stage isn’t easy, as you try to paddle you will lose your balance more often.

Do a few short of a draw stroke, with this, you move the kayak sideways and to kayak forward apply the Forward stroke. As you progress you will learn more about various parts of the Kayak and their functions. What you get to know is the Bow, which is the front end of the Kayak, the Stern which refers to the back end of the boat. Where you sit is known as the Cockpit. These are a few parts of the Kayaks to learn about but there are many more to discover.

Use the right Kayak Clothing

To kayak easily, wear a Personal Floating Device (PFD). The kayak clothing helps prevent you from sinking. Accidents do happen and your Kayak is likely to flip and without the clothing, you become part of the underground debris. Learn how to put on your lifejacket in the right position to make Kayaking an easy task. Deaths have been reported of paddlers kayaking without the lifesaver vest and as a result, it is recommended to put one in place.

Know the right time to Kayak

Kayaking is made difficult when venturing into turbulence waters for boats not fit for the occasions. To kayak easily, find calm and flat water for first-time people. Things to avoid to make kayaking easy tasks are heavy seas, wind, and fog, darkness, overheating and getting cold. Remember, it is difficult to kayak in foggy water due to poor visibility. As a result, you are likely to lose direction and hit obstacles.

Know the right water to Kayak

It is difficult to Kayak in whitewater for new paddlers. Whitewater is for experienced kayakers with hard body boats that can withstand hard rocks. However, it is not easy to Kayak or Canoe in rough water for the first time. It is advisable to kayak in flatwater or mild water to make it an easy watersport exercise. Lakes are the best starting point to Kayak due to calmness that results in Kayak’s stability.

Kayaking is one of the growing water sport activity in the world. Its growth has been steady due to the ability to learn and master kayaking techniques within a short period of time. What makes kayaking difficult is the lack of kayak boats for continuous practice. Anybody can learn how to Kayak. Besides, there are kayaks for kids that makes it easy for kids to learn kayaking at an early stage. To Kayak easily, learn the Kayak safety rules and regulations to avoid violating maritime laws. Furthermore, equip yourself with basic kayaking equipment while on the shore.

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