Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle Review

When selecting a kayak paddle, you must consider factors, such as the type, currently, there are many different types of paddles for kayaking, namely, feathered and non-feathered paddles. Besides, we have the single and double blade kayaks paddles. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on the type of kayak you intend to use. The Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle is a lightweight aluminum paddle converted depending on the type of equipment you have, for the Kayaks the Combo paddle is separated into a single blade paddle, and for boat roaring the separate pieces are joined together forming double oars. Dual purpose Kayak paddle when mounted measurers’ 96-inch, but when separated it measures half the full length. This is a lightweight product made of the aluminum shaft, which makes it easy to use for both kayaks beginner and veteran.

Below are reviews by customers who bought this product.

“If you’re planning to use this as two canoe paddles, it would work OKAY for that purpose. If you’re planning to use this as a kayak paddle, I recommend you take your business elsewhere.” The customer is dissatisfied with this paddle for a number of reasons that the separate paddles are joined together with a plastic coupler which clamps to the end which came out during their kayaking expedition. Three conclusions are derived from the above scenario, either the paddle bought did not much what was advertise or the condition under which the kayak paddle was being applied was extreme to the oar. Third, the pair bought was a second-hand accessory.

Here is another opinion from one of the customer who bought from Amazon. “You have to get the coupling tight. I have wide kayaks the long paddle is just right. Plus the extra length keeps me from getting wet. Sure this is no racing paddle for the kayaking elite but for general utility paddling you can’t beat it for the price…” the customer had it right, before boarding your kayak with the paddle, ensure that the coupling are very tight. With loose coupling you are bound to be disappointed in the middle of the lake.

Consider shipping restriction

Before purchasing the paddle, consider shipping restriction by the Amazon. Currently, the item is shipped within the U.S. Besides, if you have the APO/FPO addresses you are eligible to receive the product. If not you can still have this paddle through a third party delivery but at additional cost. Well, that’s about the Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle, please upon purchase of the product ensure to read the reviews to make the most out of this double/single kayak paddle. Furthermore, this paddle can be used with recreational kayaks and whitewater kayaks. Please check the current price of the item from Amazon but it costs about $19.9 dollars.

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