Intex Challenger K2 Kayak Review. 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex Corporation has been in operation for the last 40 years with interest in airbeds, above ground pools, spas, toys, furniture, inflatable kayaks, and more. During this period, the company has curved its’ niche in the water sport domain building the best 2 person inflatable kayak. The company has manufactured different types of Kayaks which have been branded as intex challenger k2 kayak. Besides, the brand is known for its quality inflatable and foldable kayaks used for recreational, whitewater, flatwater, and rafting Kayaking. What makes these boat ideal for an average person is the cost charged on the item which is reasonable and affordable.

Intex challenger k2 kayak review

If this is your first time reading an article about kayaks, we recommend that you have a look at the definition of a Kayak, which is helpful to understand the boat and its functionalities, including anatomy, history, and more. Today our focus is on the 2 person foldable boat which available in reputable online stores, such as Amazon, eBay, and among others. Moreover, these e-commerce outlets run a promotion from time to time, and you are assured of the safe and secure online transaction without compromising your financial particulars. The boat is best suited for flatwater and Mild River kayaking, accommodating two persons, and this is what you need for the afternoon outdoor recreational voyage at the lake. Manufactured using a combination of plastic material for the base and composite for the body makes it one of the best inflatable kayak you can select among many brands at a judicious cost.

Features of Intex Challenger 2person Kayak

It has an inflatable size of 11’6″ X 2’6″ X 1’3″ long enough to accommodate two adults, with a capacity weight of 400lb (180kg), the boat cannot take 2 people weighing more than 180 kg or luggage not more than that. Cruising low wave water, such as lakes and rivers pose no problem for the craft, with the kayaker able to cover miles of distance without wind and current obstruction. Any weight above 180kg is disastrous in the waiting, which might lead to fatality hence cautiousness needed when with total weight. The boat design makes it easy to paddle, and a lightweight oar is what you need for the journey.
Visibility is required when navigating water for ease of rescue, and that is why the challenger intex K2 is made of bright green color. The vinyl material used for assembly is a heavy duty, punctures resistant, and two separate air chambers with an inflatable I=beam which provides rigidity functionality to the floor. The product boost of the Boston valves for quick inflation and deflation. The item dimensions are, length 11ft 6in which is 3.51m and width 2ft 6in (76cm), and to produce a high-quality product, the company has utilized an appropriate material certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association to fabricate the two person inflatable kayak. The association has a set of standards known as the ABYC that members have to comply with to qualify for the certification.
The product has a spacious cockpit where two removable inflatable seats are fixed. In addition, it has cargo pit for storage of valuable and lifesaving items, such as the hand pump, life jackets among others. Besides, it has a removable skeg for stability and once out of water simply remove the gadget and keep safely. It has a grab line on both sides, Kayaks without grab lines are difficult to seize once you reach the shore.


  • Multiple usage, for example, a customer bought this for recreational but decided to go fishing, which was great.
  • You can carry your pet as a companion during recreation kayaking
  • Easy to blow up, and take a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Easy to transport due to foldable materials
  • Bright color for visibility
  • Easy to carry due to the grab line on both end.
  • It has storage net, where you can safely keep your lightweight waterproof backpack sack
  • Shipped worldwide, with exception to a few countries with postages challenges.
  • Cost effective, and at the time of writing this review the item cost $84.99, a promotional price from Amazon store. NB: the price can change at any time.
  • Packed with 2 86 inch aluminum double blade paddles
  • Packed with an Intex high-output pump for easy inflation and deflation
  • No skid problems
  • Easy to control and navigate
  • Best for gift donation
  • Portable
  • Small storage space required to keep the craft after use.


  • None 3-Ply Construction
  • The size as mentioned may hinder two tall persons, you will strain sitting together in the kayak, but you can take turns in exploring the waters.
  • Be careful not to use the pump upside down, it happened to me and thought how difficult it was to inflate the Kayak.
  • Heavy winds and waves can destabilized the kayak, it is recommended for lake and Calm River to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Get too hot when left in the sun if not in use.


You can buy this Kayak to explore nature with your friends and acquaintances, the price is affordable and at the time of writing this review the product priced at $213.99 but had a promotion of up to 58%, and you end up paying $89.99 while saving $124.00. What a fantastic deal at Amazon online shopping store. You are save with the product to last good time as a result of composite materials used for design and construction. If you a water sports fan and likes paddle in the open lakes, then this kayak is suitable for you. And lastly, it has California’s Proposition 65. Below find selected customers feedback after spending their money and time with this product.

“After reading some of these reviews my friend I were skeptical…
We were wrong to be so. This kayak is amazing. I’ve taken it out about 3 times now for extended periods of time (8+ hours). -No skin problems (like some reviews mention) -no control problems-durability is quite amazing”
You have heard it but for more reviews which can help in decision making please check on the product customer review section at the Amazon stores.
Finally, this is easy to transport the item from your store to the waters but if feeling exhausted after a ride, you can always consider kayak bike trailer to aid your movement but not necessary. If you feel that the two people is not for you then consider buying the Intex 1person kayaks. I recently stumbled on this question “Can one person paddle a 2 person kayak?” The answer is a definite yes for the lightweight boats.
The prices of these kayaks types are determined by the pros and cons of the material used for constructions. There are several types of materials but for Intex two people’s kayaks, the manufacturer deployed a combination of hard plastic for the base and composite materials for the body.

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