IDrybag Roll Top Dry Bag Backpack Waterproof for Sale

We have various types of bags which are suitable for packaging kayaking accessories. Today, let us review the iDrybag roll-top dry bag backpack waterproof, which is among one of the best waterproof backpacks for kayaking. The 20 L capacity can accommodate a number of materials and items which are important to your excursions, such as a handheld pump or electric inflatable pump, boots, among others. The brands come in a variety of colors which you can choose from. Currently, the available color to select from is blue, yellow, black, and more. But the Dry Backpack Waterproof Padded Straps 20L is yellow in color for those who like this particular color you have a reason to celebrate.

The sack is available in many online outlets, but our focus will be on Amazon for a number of reasons, namely, you have a variety of size to choose from, besides, you can opt for other brands if this does not match your requirements, second, Amazon store on frequent occasion has a number of promotion, and by the time of penning this review, this bag had a coupon and you could “Save an extra 5% when you apply this coupon,” third, Amazon online shopping portal is among the most secure and trusted e-commerce websites with different of products for sales, fourth, goods delivery is fast and cost-effective with a number of collection points for those who do not accept door to door delivery.

Features of IDrybag Roll Backpack Waterproof bag for Kayaking

  • Made of high-density material of the 500D outdoor waterproof fabric. With a quality of such caliber, the product lifespan is guaranteed to last more than 5 years, and this possible if care is taken while handling the bag. There are a number of means through which you can prolong the backpack lifespan, for example, never pack kayaking clothing and accessories more than the bag’s capacity; avoid packing sharp pointed objects in the bag as they will pierce through the fabric; and to maintain the bag’s color wash and dry under a shade
  • The manufacturer and retailer state that the bag is foolproof waterproof due to the high-density heavy duty material, besides, the waterproof function is enabled by the Vinyl-coated woven polyester, which is welded with watertight seams. But such claims can be difficult to prove before buy and try one of these bags, and to support this claim, a satisfied customer who bought it through Amazon corroborate the claims saying that it is the perfect bag that he bought for the rainy state of Alaska, though the customer never bought it for kayaking, but found it suitable for field projects and the capacity is able to take on the lunch box, camera gear, binoculars, and extra clothing..
  • The front pocket is designed to handle light items, such as water bottle pouch, other small items which save you agony for dipping your hand inside the bag’s main compartment searching for items during rainy weather.
  • Besides, having front pockets, the iDrybag has Internal Zippered pockets inside the main bag which are zipped to hold valuables including but not limited to watches, cellphones, and more.
  • Easy to clean and use, and multiple ways to carry the backpack around. The 9.8inch x 7.1inch x 17.7inch 20L can be carried by a handle and backpack.
  • It is a multipurpose waterproof dry bag for various disciple and Kayaking, besides, you can use it for boating, hiking, rafting, floating or any outdoor sports.
  • To clean, “Roll down 3 to 4 times along the top of the bag, whereby the effects are ensured.”
  • Suitable for travel carrier on luggage and day trip
  • Great price for value, under $40 and you have one of the best quality carrier bag.
IDrybag Roll Top Dry Bag Backpack Waterproof

Disadvantages of the IDrybag Roll Backpack bag

  • Loose shoulder straps which can slip at any time, thus it needs further tightening.
  • For Kayakers who are interested in smaller backpack will find this item big for a few materials. In such a scenario you can select a lower capacity bag of the same brand.
  • It lacked outer pockets expect the front pocket for holding light items.
  • If not tighten properly, the out pocket can leak when submerged in water. To avoid this, ensure to tighten the loose zippers and bulks.
  • Non waterproof items, namely, lamps, headphones, mobile phones, among others should not be stored in the front pocket as they will get soaked.
  • The model has no padding or plate for the back

Finally, this bag though being market as backpack waterproof need an adjustment of the strap to fit the bill. But on quality this ideal for water sporting activities due to its brighter color which makes it visible from a distance. There is no mentioning of floating capability and among the reviews no mentioning of such functionalities by the customers. For more detailed description of the item please visit Amazon website.

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