How to Choose a Kayak

How do you choose a kayak? Many paddlers find it difficult to decide on the best suitable boat. However, if a paddler is able to answer the questions, such as, where I am going to use the Kayak.  Do you need a sit in or a sit on top boat? These ideas to guide in choosing the best kayak for money. Besides, you are faced with several factors to consider, and poor judgment will not only cost you money but deny you the comfort and pleasure.

How to choose the best kayak

Your decision should be guided by the following questions; what type of water is your kayaking intended for; what type of kayak shelf life are you considering. These questions should assist in making a purchase decision regardless of your kayaking experience. As a buyer, note that there are different types of kayaks for different uses. Besides, the right decision allows you to enjoy the wondrous delights of nature. Though every kayak definitely has something for every paddler, not all paddlers will find the same satisfaction with every boat type. You have array of kayaks to choose from, such as, Kayak for whitewater, which are suitable for fast moving rivers, recreational and sport kayaks best for flat waters and are appropriate for lakes, mild rivers, bays and more.

Factors to consider when choosing the best kayak

Choosing the right canoe depend but not limited to following factors;


The cost determines the kayak to buy. There are low priced boats with just over $100. Besides, there are old and new boats costing less dollars. Why does cost affect or influence your choice. The price determines what to buy in two ways, first, you are out of pocket and what you can afford are the low priced kayaks. You don’t have an option but to go for what you can get with the limited budget. Second, you have the money to but the right kayak, but what is available are the low priced boats, what happens in this case, you either buy or forgoer the purchase.


Kayak materials are of different types, size, and quality with several pros and cons. currently available materials are plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon, wood, inflatable plastic & fabric with frame to choose from. Plastic is the most popular material for kayak construct. Though resistant to hard surface, it is heavier than other materials and might not be popular among newbie getting started with Kayak lessons. Plastic materials are from reusable waste which helps keeps our environment clean. When buying a plastic kayak, you are making our earth planet save and free from pollutant. However, paddlers interested in lighter kayaks to consider the fiberglass boats.

Though lighter, the kayaks are more rigid and streamlined in water than the plastic boats. The other drawback is that they are prone to crack on severe impact. Cost note withstanding, wooden kayaks are rare due to sophistication in design and manufacturing.

Kayak length

This is a must consider factors that is influenced by your height. Moreover, the longer the kayak, the faster and stable it is due to the large surface area that is subjected to the water. The size of the kayak will determine the number of lagauge to carry for an expedition. Besides, the longer the boat the more kayaking and camping accessories it will take. Some kayaks are short in size due to their functionalities. In such cases, you have no option but to choose among the many short sizes boats.


The number of people to use the kayak at the same time. This requires a paddler to select between single or double kayaks. For couples who likes paddling together should save money and buy a double kayak rather than having a single separate boats. However, the single kayak is easier to maneuver and steer with less energy compared to the double kayak.

Kayak Weight

Besides the size, weight is an important factor to consider while select a boat. The weight is instrumental when lifting the boat into the water, removing the boat from a kayak trailer and walking with the boat along the beach. If you go for a heavier kayak, you are going to faced hurdles in mobility hence. With limited movement, forget having pleasurable water sport voyage as you will be limited to a small geographical area. Best light weight kayaks are the inflatable and foldable materials. These kayaks extreme light and portable from one place to the other. If you love heavy kayaks, consider choosing the remolded plastic kayaks often heavy and stable to wade through rough tides.


Kayak made of plastic are more durable than foldable and inflatable kayaks. However, the plastic materials are prone to easy scratches. That no withstanding, they are more durable and puncture resistant than other types of kayaks, such as, fiber glasses and more. Recreational boats made of canvas are easily damaged by sharp objects. For example, recently, my first intex explorer got punctured and I had to struggle to patch it. The canoe was only three months old when this happened. Durable materials helps you save money from repeated purchase. Nevertheless, do not underestimate inflatable kayaks, a high quality product have a high cost attached to it?

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