How Much Does A Decent Kayak Cost?

How much does a decent kayak cost? The cost of a Kayak depends on a number of variables that you need to know. However, a Kayak can cost anything to do with $50 to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, used kayak doesn’t cost much as compared to new ones.

Second hand Kayak in good condition is worth considering than a new Kayak made of a low quality material. A decent Kayak is one that can last you many years without having leakages, wearing out, and performing its function as expected.

Factors that determines How Much a Kayak Costs

Kayak Construction Materials.

A Kayak cost depend partly on the type of material for construction. Materials determines the overall cost of a Kayak in different ways such as,


Kayaks made from readily available materials such as, canvas and plastic are less costly. These materials are easily transported to the factories and are sourced at low prices. Besides, they are reusable which reduces the cost of productions. However, not all kayak materials that are readily available translate into low costs. Most Kayaks made from fiber-reinforced are moderate in costs ranging from $100- $2000.


Kayak weight determines how much it will cost. A heavier Kayak might cost more or less than a lighter Kayak. For example, Kayak made of fiber glasses are often light in weight and are less costly compared to other Kayak materials. They are extremely lightweight but have high strength to weight ratio.

Kayak Purpose

The purpose of a Kayak plays a great role in determining the price. Recreational Kayaks are less costly, these Kayaks are made of fine and light materials with very fine design and finishing. Nevertheless, whitewater recreational Kayaks are very expensive due to the materials and their sturdiness in design.

They are constructed to withstand heavy waves and sharp objects, thus utilizes heavy materials. A lot of research goes into designing and assembling recreational boats. It takes a lot of expertise to design Kevlar Kayaks which are five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

To produce a lightweight, flexible and comfortable canoe translate into high cost Kevlar type’s boats as compared to fiberglass. Kayak benefits also determines the cost, such benefits includes but not limited to the boat tensile strength while maintain low weight; elongation sturdiness that breaks high modulus; features that reduces low electrical conductivity when in water and ability to resist chemical.

During the early days of Kayaking, the father of recreational and sport kayaks John McGregor tasked a carpenter who designed wooden cheap Kayak that managed to sail through many lakes and rivers in Europe. Though, wooden Kayaks are less common these days, they are much cheaper compared to the state of the art boats.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks can be expensive due to their strength and weight. They are designed to handle loads and maneuver high waves. Encountering sharp objects by fisher men is common which calls for a durable and a strong yet light materials. With all these features taken into consideration have high cost implication on the final boat? In addition, fishing kayaks have extra components to carry accessories such as fishing floating rods and more.


Kayak price increases due to the cost of delivery, a Kayak that cost $100 from a manufacturer might cost you $500 from a retailer. Wholesalers and retailers add their overheads which are passed to the consumer skyrocketing the rates. It is much cheaper to buy Kayaks from manufacturer but you will have to deal with high transportation costs.

Buying a single Kayak from oversea isn’t worthwhile due to high delivery costs and taxes the good is subjected to. You save money when you buy your Kayak from bulk wholesalers and online retail stores such as Amazon, besides, you are likely to buy a product at a discounted rate.

Kayak Type

A decent inflatable and foldable kayak can cost you more than $500. Inflatable Kayaks easily get destroyed when subjected to sharp objects. However, there are different types of inflatable kayaks with different qualities and design that are able to withstand sharp objects and high waves. These kayaks are suitable for whitewater kayaking and rafting and can easily handle low tide lakes and rivers.

Therefore a decent Kayak would cost you about $500 and above for new boats while used kayaks ranges from $50-200 dollars. However, inflatable Kayaks such as, Intex explorer are decent but might not last you long if proper care and maintenance is not adhere too.

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