35 Basic Kayaking Equipment Essentials

To enjoy Kayaking, a paddler must have basic Kayaking equipment. These apparatus are necessary for any type of Kayaking, such as fishing, sport kayaking and more. Without some of the basic kayaks accessories, a person will be exposing themselves to Kayaking dangers. For example, John MacGregor known to have invented sport kayaking ventured into some … Read more

SLPG92027 Kayak Fishing Rod Floats Review

kayak fishing rod

The SLPG92027 Shoreline Marine Kayak Fishing Rod Floats are essential kayak fishing safety gears. Be it flat lake, whitewater, or ocean fishing, the accessories shall protect your rods from sinking. When firmly secured with hook and loop straps, the rod is kept a float and improves on the visibility in rough water. Besides, the fishing … Read more

30 Reasons to Buy Kayaking Paddle Leash

The best Kayaking Paddle leashes come in different sizes and shapes. The Campingandkayaking Paddle Leash is one among many leashes available for kayakers at an affordable cost with pros and cons, but pros outweigh the disadvantages. Furthermore, this is the best Kayak paddle leash for attaching kayaks together, besides the leashes keeps paddles connected to … Read more