What Should I Pack For A Weekend Kayak Trip?

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The first-time Kayaker struggles to select the best kayaking accessories for their weekend trip. No matter what equipment you choose for the trip, there are must-have essential accessories to include in your lists. Besides, your Kayaking destination determines the type of kayak accessories to have. For example, a traveler going for mountain lakes with snow … Read more

Best Life Jackets for Kayaks to buy

Life Jackets for Kayaks comes in different sizes, types, shapes, and brands.  Selecting a personal floating device is a challenging task if you lack knowledge about the various types of PFDs, the regulation by the relevant authorities on the recommended lifesaver jackets, and more. You can get a cheap but effective life jacket for kayaking, … Read more

7 Kayak Clothing Accessories for all Water Kayaking

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Kayaking requires adequate preparation. To have a momentous voyage a paddler must have these kayak clothing for the passage, which are part of Kayak safety gears. The equipment are essential to make Kayaking experience stress-free and protect the user from unforeseen water accidents. For example, the father of recreational kayaking who invented sport kayaking Mr. … Read more

6 Types of Personal Floating Device (PFDs) for Kayaking

personal floating devices for kayaking

Types of Personal Floating Device (PFDs) to put on depends on the regulations and rules set out by relevant authorities. For example, the United State Coast Guard are responsible for approving the type of PFD on the boat for any type of kayaking, such as recreational, whitewater, flat water, and more. The number of life … Read more