What should I consider when buying a Tandem kayak?

There are several factors to consider when buying a Tandem kayak. These factors ranges from costs to durability of the Kayak. However, as a paddler there are general questions to ponder ad these helps make an informed decision. Having a new Tandem kayak is a fun, exciting adventure. But it is important to know about … Read more

19 Best Rivers to Kayak in Florida

Florida State has several navigable rivers to Kayak. It is a paddler’s paradise, and the best way to have a memorable voyage is by kayaking the Florida Rivers. These rivers offer an array of paddling opportunities for both newbies and experienced Kayakers. Every year, more and more people are heading to the rivers for kayak … Read more

Where can you kayak with manatees in Florida?

Where to kayak with manatees in Florida This article describes seven places that offer unique opportunities for water recreation enjoyment and conversing with Mother Nature. Besides, these paddling trails are where to kayak with manatees in Florida. Places to watch the manatees with a kayak are; Bishop Harbor Trail, Miguel Bay, and Terra Ceia Bay areas … Read more


Are you looking for a kayaking destination in West Virginia, America’s best whitewater paradise? Look no further, the New and Gauley Rivers should be in your top 10 wish list. Besides, there are several other class IV/V rivers to navigate.    Whitewater enthusiasts have a reason to smile. The rivers offer some of the best … Read more


Welcome to the first issue of Kayaking traveling tips. These tips aimed to assist paddlers with valuable information on how to organize and have a tress free kayaking journey. Without proper packaging and good planning, you’re bound to have a chaotic expedition that is likely to cost you more, left you disoriented and wasted. This … Read more