Werner Kayak Paddle

Werner has created paddles for kayaks for 76 years. They began their craft in 1944 in Washington State. Many kayakers think of Werner Kayak Paddle when they shop for paddles. The company has many years of experience designing kayak paddles. They understand the needs for each type of boater. Furthermore, one of the most important … Read more

Best Kayak Paddle under $100.00

inflatable kayak for whitewater rafting

The Best Kayak paddle under $100.00 ranges from aluminum oar to plastic to wooden paddles. This article is a selection of good and durable oar, not just for kayaking but for a wider range of application, such as rafting, SUP and many more. There are so many paddles for kayaking costing less but are not … Read more

OEM/GB Carbon Kayak Paddle Review

Ocean Kayak Paddle Tips

In this review of OEM/GB kayak paddle, the following are areas of interest that will help a paddler make an informed decision about this particular paddle; the brand, company profile, advantages and disadvantages, paddle length and specifications, shipping, and payment methods. The Kayak Paddle Name The manufacturer has labeled this paddle as the “Hot selling … Read more

Types of Kayak Paddles

There are different types of Kayak Paddles for boat riders to choose from, which are broadly categorized into the various group based on shape, size, materials, and usage. Based on that above, we have whitewater kayak paddles, wooden, fiberglass, fishing, touring, and flat water touring kayak paddles, among others. Besides, choosing the right kayak paddles … Read more