Earth Pak is known to produce state of the art waterproof backpack bags for outdoor activities, such as kayaking, swimming, hiking, birding, ad more. The types of dry bags for kayaking by Earth Park are, Summit dry bag backpack, Blue original waterproof dry bag, and more with varied features and costs.

Why blue original waterproof dry bag

A paddler requires a dry bag that is waterproof and ability to float.

The waterproof feature will prevent your gear getting soaked, during rainy moments, and the floating ability helps you locate the Kayak gears and accessories during Kayak flips.

How do the blue earth dry bag float?

For the backpack to float, you have to roll the top of the bag down, this allows some I to that will inflate the bag. If not roll properly, you are likely to allow water into the bag.

Blue dry Earth Pak dry waterproof bag
Source: Earth Pak

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Features of Blue Dry Earth Pak Bag

  • Suitable for light valuables.
  • Manufactured using 500D PVC.
  • Protect your sensitive accessories from abrasions.
  • Adjustable single shoulder strap features swivel hooks and extends up to 36 inches.
  • Attached D-rings allow you to connect the bag to the side of a raft, boat, or backpack.
  • Roll-top closure allows for air-tight protection and stops water from entering the top of your bag during kayaking, boating, or fishing adventures.
  • It is accompanied with IPX8 Waterproof Phone Case!
  • Easy to clean; simple spray the dry bag down and let it air dry to clean it.
  • To disinfect the waterproof blue dry bag, apply mild dishwashing soap and water. I addition, you ca apply alcohol/sanitizer wipes


  • Wipe over the logo or reflectors on your bag. 
  • submerge the dry bag underwater for longer than 5-10 seconds


There are two types of shipping applicable for the blue bag, namely, domestic Shipping, and International Shipping.

Domestic shipping are deliveries within the United States ad comprised of Standard Shipping which takes between 7-10 business days to receive the bag, and Expedited Shipping: Up to 3 business days

International Shipping are deliveries for Canada & UK only for customers making purchase from the Earth Pak stores.

However, Other Customers from other regions, ca still receive the blue dry backpack bag from Amazon US, CAN, UK, FR, or DE.

Return and Exchange Policy

For orders within the U.S, you ca return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase.

For return to be accepted,

  • The product must have not been tampered with, furthermore, used items will not be accepted.  
  • $5 restocking cost is charged for every item returned

“Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges for any sale items or international orders.”

Exchange policy

Earth Pak, will exchange the bag for any color or size you want. To get an alternative product, simple return the original to the company.  Besides, the restocking fee apply to products exchanged ad should be within 30 days of purchase.

Nevertheless, “exchanges are not always guaranteed, as our products sell fast during busy seasons and items in stock may be limited.”

Besides, purchases made through the Amazon marketplace, you will need to contact Amazon for a return/exchange.

Warranty for Earth Pak waterproof backpack

The company offers a 5 year Adventure Guarantee on all of our products. For replacement to be done, customers are encouraged to;

Provide a valid order number, Provide photos of what’s wrong with your product and Explain that the product was not damaged in “out of the ordinary” circumstances. For further information, contact customer care at or check on the company’s website here.

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