Black River Kayaking NY Upstate

The Black River is found in New York State. It has a length of 125-mile-long (201 km).

At the river, you will have more than a kayaking expedition, it has a conducive environment and weather that enables paddlers to float, read or sail, swim, and bath. Once you are done with your day kayaking excursions, it is time to have a pleasant walk along the banks and retreat to any of inns around the vicinity for a hearty dinner, talk, books, pictures, letters, and bed.  

A well planned Black River kayaking trip will lead one to Lake Ontario on the shore of Jefferson County, New York where the river empties its waters. All you need to have are a waterproof overcoatwadding shoes, and a map for new paddlers.

It flows northwest through the Adirondack Mountains in the Tug Hill region where you are met with a fine breeze, as you skimmed along with a cheery hissing sounds of the Kayak with insects and birds flying over the blue sky.

To start the 125 miles journey at the river’s source, head to the North Lake found in the foothills of the Adirondacks, which is located in Herkimer County, a distance of 25 miles to East Boonville. It is worth noting that not the entire river is suitable for navigation. There are sections of the river that are a thorn in the flesh for beginners, inadequate water to float the Kayak, rocky terrain, and more.

Black River Outdoor Education Club

If you are wondering where to start, look no further, there is a reputable outdoor educational club in the vicinity that offers a range of services including kayak renting and guiding, outdoor recreational services and many more. For Birders, the Black River is more than ripe for exploration. There are several bird species such as bald eagle that you can expect to fly as you paddling the river.

Black River NY Kayaking Challenges

Paddlers have experienced many challenges making navigation a daunting task. Besides, pulling the boat into the water is a slow process with associated risks. The hazardous blockages were erected during the construction of railroad bridges. This left wooden and metal pilings that stuck out of water.

Besides, heavy stones were left jutting out of the river making anchoring kayaks difficult. These protruding rock can damage kayaks manufactured from lightweight materials.

Good News for Paddlers

Locals along Black River have done great work to improve the environment along the river making it friendly for boat owners and small vessels. Fishermen alike can go fishing with their canoe with fewer hitches.

To help improve the situation, many hazard hotspots have been mapped and labeled. Without the markers, it was very difficult if not impossible for water users to avoid dangers while in the water.

Best Section of Black River to Kayak

When out paddling in Watertown, the paddlers should be more vigil as this is one of the river sections that run very fasts and you can easily drift away or even flip. As you wind through the woods between Lyons Falls and Carthage, it best suitable for novice paddlers who want to launch their whitewater Kayaking skills. Here, the river is not only wide but slow.

Black River Average Weather

“In Black River, the summers are warm and partly cloudy and the winters are freezing and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 11°F to 79°F and is rarely below -9°F or above 86°F.” If you want to enjoy conducive weather at the Black River, the best time for outdoor activities or warm weather excursion is from late June to early September.

This favorable season lasts for about 3.8 months with an average temperature of 69°F. If you are planning for a July outing trip to the river, be prepared for the hottest day of July 26 and carry with you adequate kayak accessories and food to quench your thirst. In July, the temperature soars to an average high of “79°F and low of 61°F.”

Coldest Season When Black River Kayaking NY

The cold season start from December to March and last for about three months. During this season, the average daily temperature goes below 38°F while the coldest day of the year is January 29 with an average temperature of 11°F and high of 27°F. To go Kayaking during extremely cold weather conditions, it is recommended that you equip yourself with kayak clothing that can protect you from the cold.

This is the time of excursion that you are likely to get the Kayak Hypothermia attack. When planning for a Kayaking tour, take note of the wetter seasons which last for about seven months starting from April to December every year, while the weather peak in June every year. On the other hand, the dry season lasts for about three months that commence from December till April. Therefore, be prepared according to for the season you intend to travel.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Black River to Kayak

“The tourism score favors clear, rain less days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Black River for general outdoor tourist activities is from late June to early September, with a peak score in the second week of August.” Source: (weatherspark)

Why Black River Kayaking NY

The river is known for its excellent location for trout, salmon, bass, and pike fishing. What you need to have is a good fishing kayak and necessary fishing accessories such as, kayak fishing rode floats and more.

Besides, whitewater rafting and kayaking gaining traction on various stretches of the river such as the Black River Canyon which provide a kayaking stretch from Watertown to Brownville. If you want to enjoy whitewater streams with reliable and constant water flow throughout the summer, head to the Black River Canyon.

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