Lake Mead is a man-made reservoir Lake that lies within the Colorado River with an average water level of 1,081.34 Feet MSL source: (web archive). The largest reservoir in the United State was formed in 1935 by the Hoover Dam with some of the best spot for Kayaking and boating. Besides, the Lake provide sustenance to populace in USA and its environs supporting small, medium, and large size agricultural activities. It is 112 miles long, 162 depth with surfucae elevation of 372.3 m above sea level and a surface area of 640 km2.

The Lake was name after the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation commissioner called Elwood Mead. It main purpose was to serve as the Boulder Dam Recreation Area. You can access the Lake through the several entrance points, namely, Las Vegas metropolitan area, Valley of Fire State Park, and Overton Arm found in the Indian Reservation of the Moapa River.

It has several areas to Kayak starting with the Boulder Basin, though a narrow channel but offers kayakers the option to navigate narrow channels. The Narrows connects different basin and to paddle to the Virgin section you have to use the Narrows. While at the Narrows a paddler have can decide to try the Virgin and Muddy River.


Gregg Basin

This section of the Lake is prone to flooding during heavy rains. Kayakers will enjoy this section during low rainfall seasons. When flooded the section comes with several risks and experienced Kayakers will find it easy to maneuver the flooding than novice Kayakers. Other areas at Gregg Basin for Kayakers to exploit are Grand Wash Bay, the Pearce Ferry Bay and launch ramp.

Areas to avoid during low rainy season are Muddy River Inlet and the Virgin River Basin which remains dry most part of the season pose several challenges to boat owners. Here, you can puncture your Kayak if using inflatable Kayaks, such as, intex inflatable double. Besides, towing the Kayak from one section of the Lake in search of navigable and passable areas is time consuming.

Boulder Basin

This section of the Lake is endowed with the nature’s beauty. It is surrounded with spiky mountain ranges offering some of the best scenes during the sunset. If you want to enjoy the nature’s beauty consider traversing the Boulder basic section during late hours of the days. To get the most out of your Kayaking voyage, head to the northwest and southwest of the Lake where the River Mountains and Muddy Mountains awaits you. Have your binoculars ready for quality images processing.

With all the beauty, the Lake has experienced a number of low rainfall season that have affect recreation activities. In recent times, Marina and boat launch ramps were relocated to other areas including the Hemenway Harbor. Avoid Overton Marina and Echo bay which have experienced low water levels resulting into the closure of the bays. Other areas not to Kayak are the Government Wash, Las Vegas Bay, and Pearce Ferry boat which have been closed due to poor or inadequate water levels.

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