Kayak, a very well-known paddling exercise in South Carolina, and it is one of the top tourists’ attraction sporting activity.

If you are new to this adventurous fun, you might be right now wondering about “Where can I Kayak in Charleston, SC? What are the regulations?

What views shall I see? What should I prepare?” Well, no more worries because here are the informations you need. Check this out!

Where Can I Kayak in Charleston SC?

There are 4 established Kayak rentals and spots which each owns a uniqueness that we would love to recommend to you:

  1. Charleston Outdoor Adventure

This is a kayaking business that serves you with a private area and promises the direct view of wildlife, such as dolphins, osprey, etc. You will be accompanied by a very experienced local guide who will serve you every information you need while kayaking.

2. Coastal Expeditions

This is a family business where they claim to have an exceptional, big-hearted team. Also in this expedition, there are four on-water outposts you can visit, which are situated in Folly, Shem Creek, Bulls Island Ferry, and Isle of Palms.

Fun fact: Shem Creek and Bulls Island are two very popular areas for kayaking due to its calm tranquil water and exquisite panorama.

3. Charleston Kayak Company

This very unique opportunity of kayaking experience is that you can enjoy the atmosphere of swamp and blackwater.

Not every kayak company offers this chance to its guest due to the risky activity but apparently in this rental, they guarantee you something different!

4. Folly Beach

Folly Beach is also a well-known kayaking spot for those who own kayak and do not need to rent for another one. The water is prety tranquil where you do not need to kayaking under the guard of rescue team.

You also need to know what you should prepare before kayaking to decrease the risks of drowning.

Basic Things You Should Know About Kayaking Charleston, SC

  1. Cost

Kayaking in Charleston, SC worth a reasonable price which is around $55 to $60 per person. This price comes with not only the kayak gear but also the guide you will need.

2. Appropriate Kayaking clothes

You sure want to wear clothes that keep you dry and as much as possible avoiding something like cotton. Kayaking is a very sweaty activity, no matter how cold the temperature is.

It is also safer to be wrapped in dry clothes than wet clothes, since wet clothes decrease self-balancing.

3. Personal Floating Device or PFD

PFD or a personal floating device is a safety gear for you to prevent drowning situations.

The majority of drowning causes are because people pay a lack of attention to PFD.

So far, there are 6 types of PFD, here are three kinds of PFD that are likely used for new paddlers.

  • Type I PFD, which is very recommended for a kayaking beginner because it helps you afloat for several hours with your head on top of the water.
  • Type II PFD, which is more for calm and less wavy water.
  • Type III PFD, the vest uses more for comfort and should only be used when around an experienced rescue team.

Those are basic information that comes to answer your question, “where can I kayak in Charleston SC?” or other questions about kayaking activity.

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