Besides being a desert landscape, Nevada is known for its conducive warm weather with the best kayaking lakes in Nevada and its neighborhoods. Majority of the lakes are navigable with Kayaks made of different materials, such as, fiber, plastic, inflatable, and more. Regardless of your Kayaking experience, the state offers amazing lakes for exploration both by novice and experienced kayakers in equal measures. For a beginner kayaker, Nevada Lake is where to launch your paddling career in the middle of the desert.

It is frustrating to plan a kayaking trip to your desired destination only to realize that the rivers or lakes aren’t maneuverable on your arrival at the Kayaking spot. As a result, it is prudent to follow weather forecast provided by the relevant authorities.

Moreover, get up to date information from internet sources, and with many social networks, such as, Facebook, twitter, quora, and more, you can ask a question and get an immediate if not an instant feedback. What’s await in Nevada are family friendly Lakes, bird watching scenic, outdoor camping mountains.

However, the state of Nevada is synonymous with gambling, desert and mining, but there is so much to discover in mountains, valleys, forests, and the waters.

The Following Are the Best Kayaking Lakes in Nevada

  1. Lake Tahoe

This is a freshwater lake located in Douglas & Washoe County and shared between California and Nevada State. The largest alpine lake in North America is known for its magnificent scenic attracting thousands of both local and international tourists. Kayaking in Nevada is attractive in summer with the large number of tourists visiting Lake Tahoe.

Besides, you enjoy jet skiing, bird watching, boating, paragliding, swimming, nature walk, and more. To enjoy group Kayaking in Nevada Lakes Tahoe, endeavor to travel to the state during the onset of summer. Tahoe Lake is one of the best kayaking lakes in Nevada due to its accessibility throughout the year, enormous water surface area to kayak, and a conducive altitude of over 1,800 metres above the sea level.

2. Lake Mead

The Lake offers a scene of bewildering excitement with quiet dark winds. Kayakers get to spot the long-necked heron that flocks by scores with other duck species foraging for food. Lake Mead is located in Clark County along the Colorado River.

Besides its beautiful scenic, it is the largest reservoir in the United Sate sitting in a 64,000 hectares of land. Paddlers get to oar the rocks which are so quaint and high and varied with clear water and greenly grass. Each Kayak paddle stroke offers a fresh view and a refreshing mind.

Kayaking during low tides and waves requires less skills and tact to bear you along. A place for photographers to capture astonishing photos while on the Kayak as the pleasure flows from the mere sense of rapid motion. In addition, kayak fishing, skiing, swimming awaits you at Lake Mead.

3. Lake Overland

A lovely lake for mountaion climbers located in the Overland Canyon, Elko County, and the Lake is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenic. Ruby Mountain adjacent to the lake offers magnificent view while kayaking down the water. With a friendly waterways, new paddlers find it easy to practice various paddle stroke, such as, backstroke, forward stroke, and more.

If not Kayaking, you get a chance to cross other lakes in the county through the Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail. Other than hiking, a paddler with his binocular will spot a variety of wildlife in the vicinity. Lastly, prepare for Kayak fishing and horseback riding to complete your day trip to the Lake.

4. Lake Mohave

This is an exquisite Lake situated in Colorado River. Its offers a paddler an opportunity to Kayak the calm waters. Found within the Arizon and the Lake Mead National Recreation Zone you have an opportunity not only to Kayak but to watch different species of birds and animals.

The Black canyon present a perfect opportunity for Scuba divers and wreck dives among others. The Lake provides suitable spots for Kayak fishing with several fish species namely, rainbow trout, crappie, sunfish, and more. Other water sport activities are water skiing, swimming, boating, and more.

5. Lake Las Vegas

A gorgeous and stunning man made water body. The artificial lake was initiated to promote county tourism activities. A kayaker will have a field day cruising and paddling the Low Tide Lake. When exhausted, you retreat to the nearby resorts for night overstay. Moreover, there is a casino and golf courses to play your stakes for profits.

There are several outdoor water excursion activities, such as, beach swimming, SUP, boarding paddle, and more. Endowed with several activities to choose from, tourists have been swamping the lake for wakeboarding, fly boarding, and water skiing.

You can wind up your kayaking tours by having a memorable sun bathing. You will have more than you bargain and be prepared to enjoy every moment. When kayaking it is recommended to wear on safety clothing and in particular ensure you have the lifejacket firmly fasten on your shoulder.

6. Lake Angel

Found in Elko County with an elevation of 2,554 above sea level. A paddler who wants to enjoy glacier kayaking to consider the Lake for truly amazing kayak exercise. The lake is small in size but offers splendid sceneries surrounded by beautiful mountain topographies. The Lake is popular for recreational activities, such as, hiking trails, bird watching, and many more.

When planning for a one week Kayaking tour, consider selecting camping options available for travelers. With Lake Angel camp ground you either choose the single or double campsites depending with the number you have for your trip. The camping sites have many amenities for use during your staying. While on the camp, morning bird watching is such an enjoyable undertaking.

The above mentioned lakes are just but a few of the many best lakes to Kayak in Nevada. Prepare in advance and have your Kayaking gears packed for the trip with your love ones. If you are unfamiliar with the Lake, it is advisable to seek assistance of local guides. If you travel much often and Kayak during the visits, these best lakes to Kayak in Japan.

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