Best Kayak Paddle under $100.00

The Best Kayak paddle under $100.00 ranges from aluminum oar to plastic to wooden paddles. This article is a selection of good and durable oar, not just for kayaking but for a wider range of application, such as rafting, SUP and many more.

There are so many paddles for kayaking costing less but are not durable, and you will end up losing money through repeat purchase. Several factors have been taken into consideration in identifying the good quality paddle that is pocket-friendly.

Why the paddles under $100.00 are worth buying.

Some notable examples of factors taken when compiling this list include but not limited to the following;

  • Personal experience with various types of the oar. Being in kayaking domain, we have tried several paddles and are in a possible to identify best from bad ones.
  • Paddle materials are one way to determine whether you get value for your money or not.
  • Paddle weight, though mostly ignore plays an important in identifying best, cheap, and quality product. For example, a very lightweight kayak paddle when subjected to heavy wind and current is likely to break.
  • Paddle design plays an integral role in determining its suitability for various types of river class kayaking.


  • When selecting a paddle, check the number of pieces sold versus other similar types or brand with the same value. A good kayak will have more sales as opposed to non-functions blades. Besides, it can also experience several repeat sales from a single person due to its features.
  • The best paddle for kayaking or canoeing at affordable rate have fewer return orders. A good place to check the behaviors of the consumer is online stores such as Amazon.
  • A qualified paddle has more customer recommendations with mixed reviews, namely positive and critical opinions. Consider the opinions of verified customers.

Why are these kayak paddles excellent?

The selected kayaks are excellent for many reasons, namely, durability, ease of use, and most importantly the ability to withstand heavy winds and waves. If you subject a poor quality lightweight paddle to bulky objects, it is likely to break into two.

The following are some of the Best Kayak Paddle under $100.00

SeaSense Kayak Padddle

The SeaSense Paddle has made it to the list for many reasons. First and foremost, this item will cost you less than $100 from online stores, such as Amazon. Besides, it has features designed to make your kayaking venture fun.

The ability to ship the product in many countries across the world makes it available at any juncture you wish to acquire one.

Specific features to consider

Feathered Blade Design

Why it matters

Kayak paddle is feathered when the ferrule on the shaft is adjusted to align the blades at an angle with each other. This is made possible because the paddle lacks the snap-button ferrule which has a few holes which do not allow adjusting the blades to the desired angles.

Measurements: It is 96″ in length, and weighs a total of 2.2 pounds with dimensions of 2.5 x 7 x 50.2 inches.

Material for construction: it is mass-produced with fiberglass filled nylon blade, making it extremely lightweight and durable.

The blades are white/blue in color and consist of a lightweight polypropylene reinforcement that improves its efficiency and effectiveness in water. Moreover, the shaft is made of lightweight aluminum and have ergonomic foam grips which add additional pleasures and strength.


The major drawback is that you can ship the paddle directly to outside the United State by third parties makes this possible. To have it delivered to from the USA, find an agent in the state which delivers items to other continents to make this a hustle free purchase.

Each blade is Blue/White and is made of lightweight polypropylene and reinforced making it more efficient in the water. The shaft is lightweight aluminum with ergonomic foam grips for added comfort and strength.

Customers’ feedback

This feedbacks are from Amazon shopping portal and for further verification and authentication visit the portal.

“I’ve had the opportunity to use this paddle quite a bit over the last few months and have nothing but praise for it. A few specific points for the prospective buyer:

* Weight: I’ve used much more expensive paddles that were a bit lighter, but this one doesn’t *feel* heavy at all, even on multi-hour paddles. The balance is good.* Length: I’m ~6’2″ tall and paddle a somewhat beamy (28″ maybe), open kayak with about 5-6″ of freeboard on either side. I like the extra length of this paddle. Each stroke ends up being longer/more efficient *and* I don’t have to raise the high-side paddle so high that drippage runs into my boat.” Source (Amazon)

XGEAR Aluminum Kayak Paddles

In our list of choice is the 87-Inch that is 220cm 96-Inch (243cm) XGEAR Aluminum double blade oar.

It has the following features that are desirable for kayaking for less than the 100 dollars

The paddle is dismantled into two pieces for ease of storage. With a single piece, you can easily keep them in a lockable box or container.

It has a blade length of 18.5” and a width measuring 7.5”. Further, the paddle is designed with three locking positions which enable feathering of the blades to 0 to 60 degrees angles.

The paddle has an “enforced push-button connection. Easily adjustable for both left- and right-handed operation.”

As opposed to many paddles which majorly consist of two colors, the XGEAR oar comprised of 5 colors to choose from namely, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange; 2 Sizes Available. You are spoilt for color choices and what fun to roar the boat with your favorite color.

Oceansouth Kayak Paddle Aluminum Asymmetric (Split Shaft)

If you are after an asymmetrical paddle for kayaking expedition, you have one in the name of Oceansouth. It is constructed with a glass of fiber and reinforced by polypropylene with a slightly spooned blades. This is what you need for mild and flat water kayaking in rivers and lakes. Adding to the paddles aesthetic is the bright dipped aluminum shaft measuring 1.16 inches.

Photos credit amazon

Measurements and other features

  • It has a total length of 86.8 inches with a 3 position Split Shaft 60° Right / Left – Centre.
  • It comes with drip rings, sealable blades & a shaft.
  • Has an average weight of 40.4 oz.


The available color for this paddle is blue. If you are not a fan of this color you are going to source for similar oars with a different color of your choice.

It does not ship to many countries worldwide, but delivery through third parties is possible. Unfortunately, the utilization of third parties escalates the cost of the product. With that, you are going to spend more than $100.

Assorted Reviews from Amazon

“Very Impressed. Someone had borrowed one of my kayaks and broke my old worn out paddle. I was expecting to pay $60 – $80 to replace it with something half-way decent. These paddles are well constructed and attractive, they are an excellent replacement for the broken paddle that I purchased many years ago at 3 times the price.”

“This is a perfectly good pale for the price. I needed one in a pinch and couldn’t spend a lot. This one is better than the $35 one I had last time.”

Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle

This is one of the favorite paddles available for shipping worldwide. The paddle either comes when bought separate or accompanied with a purchase of an Intex Kayak. The paddle has a variety of features namely, combo features, lightweight strong aluminum shaft, oar retainer, and drip rings with ribbed blades for additional sturdy. Mostly in black colors.

But be warned that this paddle will not withstand heavy objects. When you subject it to boats or heavy waves, you are likely to break the blades. However, I am using this item to paddle the calm lake and it has been all fun throughout.

Features and dimensions

It has a length and width of 9.8 x 9.4 x 3.2 inches respectively with an average weight of 0.32 ounces.

Customer’s purchases

Currently, the paddle has over 400 reviews in Amazon shopping platform. Below are assorted few and for more reviews you check up with Amazon.

“I need another set of these. Lightweight aluminum paddles work well combined like a kayak paddle or separated as canoe paddles. I build wooden boats and like to take my kid out on the lakes here. If we’re in the same boat either I can paddle or we can share, but I need to order another set for us each to take our own boats out.”

“The only reason I’m giving ‘Two Stars,’ before I’ve even received this oar set,’ is because of the following: With the two lower images provided, the man is in an Intex Mariner 4 holding a complete oar.”


This list is not exhaustive, and for more kayaks paddles with similar features, it is advisable to follow the above-mentioned guidelines. Finally, use your judgment, type of the kayak and water for paddle application and last but not least your wisdom. We hope this guide helped determine some of the brands that offer qualities paddles at a reasonable price. Enjoy your kayaking expedition wherever you are and always observe basic rules and regulations set out by the authorities.

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