Best Cheap Kayak Reviews (Under $100)

Are you out of pocket but need a quality kayak? Here is a list of the best cheap kayaks under $100 from different brands. These kayaks ranges from used and new and are for a variety of water, such as whitewater and flat water kayaks. However, the kayaks reviewed are inflatable and fold-able kayaks for one to more people.

The Best Cheap Kayaks are

Ztotop 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

If you are looking for a cheap new kayak, then the ztotop 2-person foldable kayak is ideal for your pocket. The full package consist of two aluminum paddles and High Output Air Foot Pump. The kayak consist of the following features.

  • Length of 3.5 m (138”) and a width of 1.06 m (42”).
  • It has a maximum weight of 180 kg (400 lbs), meaning it can only take two persons not exceeding the said weight.
  • The accompanying two aluminum oars length is 2.33 m (92”). Besides, the paddles are lightweight with adequate length for rowing.
  • The boat is ideal for small water bodies, such as lakes, and mild rivers.
  • For longevity, the material for manufacturing is a heavy duty and puncture resistant vinyl.
  • Easy to inflate using the hand pump. It takes about 10 minutes to inflate and deflate, besides, the Boston valves allows for quick pumping.
  • Designed with ton removable inflatable seats with adjustable backrests. The backrest helps those with back pain problems. Moreover, the one of the seat provide additional storage bag for your personal items.
  • To ensure kayaker’s safety, the chambers are separated from one another. If one component is damaged the other independent chambers are able to work optimally. The feature helps reduce risks of accidents in water.
  • The kayak package comes with a repair kit.

This is what a customer had to say after purchase

“I bought this and have taken it on some back woods river trips with my kayaking buddies. Gotta say when they first saw it I got some strange looks, but by days end got nothing but respect. This is a Top quality product an for the price paid I am very happy. Love this boat!” (Amazon). “I wanted a inflatable for storage reasons anyway. I was highly skeptical of the low price being to good to be true. But the reviews convinced me to try it. Wow this is a great kayak for the price! Nothing else is needed. I have used it multiple times with no issues…”(Amazon).

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

This is one of the best one person kayak at affordable cost. A high quality product packaged with a hand pump and an aluminum oars.Contrary to the Ztotop 2-Person Inflatable Kayak, it has welded material for beauty. However, the backrest is designed without the storage space but have a cargo net for extra gear storage. Check here for a detailed intex k1 kayak review. besides, we have the Intex k2 offered at the best price. Below is what a customer had to say from Amazon.

inflatable kayak for whitewater rafting
  1. “Reasons why I love this kayak:
  2. I’m a woman- I’m strong but I can’t carry a hard plastic kayak. This kayak is ultra light!!
  3. Its super fast to inflate and deflate
  4. It fits in the back of my Lexus NX 200t
  5. My dog can kayak with me, he naps and watches the birds go by. I’m never worried that his nails may puncture the kayak.
  6. Its safe and sturdy
  7. Its FUN!!!!!!”

Gymax Kayak review

In designing the Kayak, the manufacture considered the following;

User safety – to ensure well-being of the paddler, the Gymax Kayak has three blowhole independent to each other. When one deflates the other two remains inflated and enable the user to steer the boat to the shore. The accidents are reduce by huge margin and as a paddler do not panic if one component is punctured. Like other inflatable Kayaks, it is packaged with a hand pump and an aluminum alloy oar. Besides, the bow and the stern have elastics ropes for pulling the boat to safety during towing time. In addition, it has a black baggage net belt with an extra storage space at the head. Moreover, the boat is intended for a capacity of 176 pound load. Further, the product comes with a carry bag for accessories and personal items, such as phones, clothing among others. The kayak is suitable for lakes and mild rivers. Other specifications are;

Other features

  • Item dimensions: 106.5*27.5*13.5 inches (1-person); 136*27.5*14 inches (2-person)
  • The length of the paddle: 89 inches
  • Item weight: 18 lbs (1-person); 24.5 lbs (2-person)
  • Weight capacity: 176 lbs (1-person); 352 lbs(2-person)
  • Material: PVC material
  • Item include: 1 kayak, 1 paddle, 1 hand pump

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