Are Kayaks Dangerous?

Kayaks are not dangerous, but what makes Kayak dangerous is how a paddler handle a boat at any given time. For example, they are hazardous for new paddlers learning the basics skills without guidance and supervision. If you are a learning driver, who have not mastered the basic driving skills, but insist to drive a car on a highway without a co-driver, you are likely to cause an accident. With that can we say vehicles are dangerous, I guess no and yes.

However, Kayaks are dangerous in many ways and can be attributed to our personalities, behaviors, and lack of adherence to kayaking regulations and procedures. Failure to wear any safety gear makes Kayaking dangerous. However, when you fail to put on your lifejacket doesn’t make it insecure until or unless you lower the boat into the water for paddling expedition.

Why A Kayak Is Dangerous Without a Personal LifeSaver Clothing.

Kayaks are made of different types of materials which varies in strength, sturdy, and the ability to withstand sharp objects and heavy winds. These materials when subjected to hard surface will respond in differently. For Instance, an inflatable Kayaks are likely to get punctured if they get into contact with sharp objects. Without a life saver jacket, you will find yourself at the bottom of the lake. Nevertheless, you will be lucky to survive if you know how to swim. To this end Kayak are dangerous craft.

Kayaks are risky if you don’t know how to paddle. Applying paddle stroke such as, backstroke, forward and more are not easy without basic training and practice. This makes kayaks insecure for newbies without supervision. For the canoe to be safe, find a guide to train you on basic rowing techniques.

The boats becomes treacherous if you don’t know how to get in and out. In most cases, paddlers slides in the process. When this happens, you are exposed to kayak injuries, this scenario makes a kayak a dangerous watersport craft.

If the design is not properly done, that is, molding process left sharp objects protruding on the Kayak surface, a user is likely to get hurt. Before embarking on a boat, check with certainty that the vessel is safe for utilization. Otherwise it becomes dangerous to your life.

Timing Matters

A kayak is dangerous when used during the wrong hours. For instance, you go out during darkness to enjoy evening breeze without considering your safety and other people using the lakes. At night, you are not in a position to steer the kayak under the darkness. It is not recommended to kayak in the dark at night.

The other direct dangers Kayaks poses are chemical emission from the materials of construction. But, Kayaks undergo thorough review and any side effect as a result of chemical are eliminated at the factory. Should there be a situation where Kayaks are causing health hazards, the relevant institutions get to intervene and the said consignments are called off the market. Therefore, Kayaks are safe to the extent of the right application.

A wrong craft for the right occasion makes Kayaks unsafe for paddling. If you intend to paddle Whitewater Rivers but you purchase a kayak for mild lakes and rivers, what else do you expect other than exposing yourself to dangers? What makes the boats and canoes unsafe is how we the drivers handles each and every Kayak.

Kayaks are dangerous when paddled under the influence of alcohol. When drunk, you are bound to make judgmental errors. So be careful not to get into the water. All said and done, Kayak are safe for usage at the right time and in the right condition. Many a times, people have been swept by ranging floods due to inability to follow personal safety rules.

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