An Awful Intex Kayak Patching Process

Why It Was an Awful Intex Kayak Patching Process

An Awful “intex” patching process it was. I have been with Intex Explorer K2 2person Kayak for over four months. All has been well pumping and cruising the lake without any challenge. The normal kayak routine at the lake is; remove the Intex Explorer 2 from the storage bag, spread the canvas on a flat surface, clean the surface with a soft kayak clothing. Kayak clothing is no special garment but any piece of a soft garment to wipe the specks of dust and water from the inflatable Kayak.

It was on a Friday afternoon that the inflatable Intex kayak was folded and kept safely for the next day activities. But the team was surprised to find the kayak with a puncher, and this was the first time to handle a kayak puncher. With limited knowledge, it was a trial and error exercise.

Intex Patches

The boat was had three patches for mending leaking section. But without adequate knowledge and information on how to go about it, the trio struggles to have the pierced section sealed. Besides, there were two types of patches namely, round shape and square shape patches. Further, the round shape Intex kayak patches had no glue, and it was at this point that one of the team members was sent to the nearby shop to buy one. We went for the available type of glue because the guide does not specify the specific adhesive for mending.

Awful “Intex” Kayak Patching Process

With little information on the application of the glue, the team decided to apply a reasonable amount on the patch. It was then left for a few seconds before fixing on the affected area. It never worked, besides it could not sustain pressure. The process can only be described as awful patching.

Frustration to Innovation

Due to frustration and time wasting, it was time to find other ways to mend the affected portion. An idea was mooted to try a superglue adhesive. A member of the team dash to the nearby shop to grab one and after a few minutes, he was back. It was time do try unorthodox, or crude untested method to patch a kayak. The glue was applied into the area and left for about 30 minutes to determine the effect.


The superglue worked but for how long will it last. This type of patching might be awful for Intex, but we are yet to try the Kayak on water. Mending Kayak is a challenging task, and many Kayaks are left with a single puncture when users are frustrated with the fixing processes. Our invention is yet to be tested, and an update on how effective it is will be documented for users. When you buy Kayak online, ensure that the recommended patches as outlined in the sales document are delivered. For Kayakers, learn the skills and techniques of mending, and repairing your Kayaks to avoid unorthodox methods that can cost your life. One of the Kayak dangers is using unseaworthy watercraft. Besides, avoid getting into the water with a leaking boat.

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