Amarine Made Kayak Cup Holder

This is a multipurpose cup holder designed for several gadgets and environment. Other than Kayaks, you can install the cup holder in a boat, game table, the sofa sets at home, cars, and RV. Manufacture with holes at the bottom to that helps prevent moisture reaching the content of your cup. Besides, the kayak cup holder has a dimension ranging from 3-1/2″ H – 3 1/2″ID, 4 1/8″ OD, with flange.

Here is what a customer had to say from Amazon website

“As for the cupholders themselves, they’re somewhat thick molded plastic. The lips and interior was smooth, and it sits flush in the hole fine. The cupholders fit nearly all my beverages, at least all the ones that are ‘reasonable’. See attached photos for some examples of what I had handy. I’m not planning to use the drain hole, so I filed it down and filled with a squirt of hot glue. The two tiers are a nice compromise for a wide variety of containers.” Amazon

During hot seasons, paddlers should have enough water or liquid substance to enable them cool down their temperature. You can decide to go for a cheap light weight material or Amarine Made Kayak Cup holder made of modest heavy materials to withstand any bang against the boat surface. This cup holder slide to the right and its convenience aided by the drain port.

If the 16 oz bottle doesn’t fit your cup holder well, consider using 12 oz which is some cases do fit fine the lower part of the cup holder.

Other factors to consider.

If the factory insert can’t hold your cup, consider modifying the factory holes in the couch to a bigger or larger size. This will aid the placement of the cups and you can easily place coffee cup in the Kayak as you enjoy your voyage in the middle of the river or deep waters.

These are solid cup holders with clean look that can fit any kayak, be it, inflatable, hard surface and more. You can apply a little silicone around the hole edge to help seal wood deck tightly to prevent incoming water, In addition, the seal hold them tightly and firmly.  However, be careful when testing the cup holder, too much force during insertion or removal will crack the holder.

A customer’s review

“Sturdy and deep. Used to modify console in my cj. The drinks were always falling over in the too shallow cup holders in the console. Not sure about adhesion question. Used adhesive to secure them in the console and they stuck. Seem to be plenty sturdy so far. No spills since installation.” Last but not least, consider using a 3-3/4″ hole saw to firmly hold them in your boat or surface.

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