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Water kayaking blog is an informative site, which provides valuable information and reviews about product and services related to Kayaks, Kayaking and Kayak accessories. Materials presented here are based on our experience and research on the types of Kayaks and Accessories. Additionally, we examine up to date and valuable information that help beginners and advanced Kayakers and other readers to acquire the best quality and pocket-friendly gears for kayaking. We believe that collecting and analyzing various scattered information into a central portal, will not only save you time in your internet search but also save you money on your next purchase, equip you with valuable data for informed decision making. Besides, Information and graphics provided here is our opinion based on our personal experiences, reviews from other authoritative sources, and trusted online marketing portals. We aim to provide valuable reviews for types of Kayaks, such as sit on and sit in, recreational, fishing, wooden, and more. Our reviews are based on our own experience with some of these products, testimonies from other customers in possession of the Kayaks and Accessories. We believe that getting tested views from satisfied and unsatisfied consumer provides additional data, testimonies, and experiences which assist Kayak buyers in making an informed opinion. Further, reviews provided in this blog are either obtained from third parties, such as manufacturer, retailers, and clients. We aim to provide an unbiased and helpful analysis and review of product and services concerning Kayak and Kayaking. The author (s) will strive to give both cons and pros for each particular product and service reviewed, and where possible provide additional scientific backed information, and where necessary, readers are referred to the external source for further information verification.

How to Navigate/Use the Site

Kayak Info Category; This section contains general information about Kayaking as a domain and materials to expect here are; informational types such as safety tips, history, tutorials, latest and interesting news, among others. Content provided in this section is aimed to help those interested to learn more about Kayaking, students, researchers etc.

Kayak Reviews; This section provide reviews of various Kayaks types namely, sit on, sit in, wooden, Plastic, composite, fishing, recreational, sporting, touring among others. What to expect are useful information to help you make an informed decision when making a purchase. Our product and services reviews depend on two factors, 1 our experience with such product and services, 2 information from third parties which are useful and of value, such information are product specifications, pros and cons, prices, and many more. Product and services reviews is not restricted to Kayaks only but such accessories that aid in Kayaking, for example, we review personal floating device yet it is not a Kayak but it is a must have safety wear when in water.

Kayaking clothing, browse this section to find articles, products, and services related to clothing, these are wears you put on when paddling, what to expect are Personal Floating Device, panties, shorts, and more.

Kayak Accessories Reviews; provides detailed analysis of accessories and equipment which a kayaker must have or be aware of. Such accouterments are backpack bags for kayakers, pumps, and more.

Kayaking footwear, in water we have special or recommended footwear, this is no exception with Kayaking, here, expect to find reviews of latest and quality products to choose, namely, shoes, sandals, slippers among others.

Kayaking backpacks; we are little biased when we categorized carriers as backpacks, but in this section we’re providing reviews of backpacks, which helps in carrying most of your items, these bags are handy and lightweight and found in different types e.g. floating and non floating bags.

Kayak Paddles: what makes Kayaking fun is the type of paddle, a poorly selected paddle may interfere with your voyage, as such this portal provides up to date information about paddles. Here, we’re reviewing various types of Kayak paddles for different boats and water.

Finally, where a referral is to the third parties affiliate sites, and result into a purchase of any product or service, the owner of waterkayaking.com will earn a referral fee to help maintain the website, in order to provide valuable services to the readers. Once more, you are welcomed to the site, and if you find useful content that can assist somebody, it’s our humble request that you share with friends either through word of mouth, social media among other channels at your disposal.

I am George Odero, A trained Kayaker, besides I am a birder, environmentalist, and IT professional. Birding while on the kayaking voyage in Lake Kanyaboli in Kenya. Join us for bird watching while kayaking or Kayaking while bird watching.

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