7 Kayak Clothing Accessories for all Water Kayaking

Kayaking requires adequate preparation. To have a momentous voyage a paddler must have these kayak clothing for the passage, which are part of Kayak safety gears. The equipment are essential to make Kayaking experience stress-free and protect the user from unforeseen water accidents. For example, the father of recreational kayaking who invented sport kayaking Mr. John MacGregor in 1886 ventured into a number of rivers and lakes in Europe well prepared and equipped with the necessary Kayaking clothing accessories, namely sandals or boots, dry wool or fleece, paddling jacket, insulating garments,  cooling garments, headgear, personal floating devices, and gloves or pogies.

Kayak Clothing Accessories

  1. Sandals

Kayaking sandals or boots protects a persons’ feet from sharp objects. At the water shore, we have various objects carried by wind or water which are harmful to our feet, and adequate caution is needed to avoid unnecessary injuries. Sharp objects, such as fish and other water animals skeletal are poisonous and requires adequate safety measures. For example, it is difficult for a fish borne to pierce through a boot as opposed to sandals. Besides sandals and boots, there are other kayaking footwear, such as kayak socks. For instance, Tilos Sport Skin Socks for Kayaking is a unisex wear for both adult and kids for multiple water uses. That is, you can use the sock for sand volleyball, walking, and other outdoor activities. In selection, consider a lightweight material to aid easier movement after Kayaking.

2. Dry wool or fleece

You a need a cloth to keep the Kayak and yourself dry. There are several materials to choose, but the wool are the best materials to absorb water. Besides, you can have both the dry wool and the fleece. To keep the clothing dry, pack them in dry waterproof backpack bag. There are a number of backpack for kayaking to choose from, namely, IDrybag Roll Top, ZBRO Backpack, and more. When selecting storage bag, consider weight and color, a bright color and lightweight materials are essential in recovery, besides, the floating kayak backpack will float at all times keeping the dry wool and fleece safe. Never forget to carry a dry clothing and if these materials are out of reach, equip yourself with any available material which can perform the same function.

3. Personal Floating Device (PFD)

PFDs are mandatory life saver jackets. No kayaking without putting on a paddling jacket. It is not worth the risk to venture into deep water without one. Accident can happen, and this is the first point of safety. It keeps you a float for several hours before external rescue team arrives. Besides, there are various different types of personal floating devices, such as Type I for tranquil waters, Type II for inland lakes with less waves, and more. Floating devices depends on various legislation by different countries and bodies. If you board a Kayak without a PFD, you are gambling which might cost you your life.

4. Warming garment

An insulating garment is required during cold weather to keep the kayaker warm. Such clothing materials are polyester, nylon, wool, or any other clothing that can provide insulation against cold air. The protection against cold water is to prevent a paddler from Hypothermia, a condition caused by extreme cold water. Besides, wear wetsuit or dry suit to protect yourself against the cold weather condition.

5. Cooling kayak clothing

Before setting out to Kayak, ensure to pack a cotton garment for cooling. The garment is to protect you from extreme hot sun and warm water. Other than cotton materials, you can select available material with similar functionalities. If you are exposed to too much sunlight, you are likely to have headache or any other condition caused by hot weather.

6. Headgear  

The most ignored kayak clothing gear. There are different types of headgear to choose from namely, baklava, stocking cap, sun hat, rain hat, helmet for surf conditions. Majority of Kayakers ventures into deep water without the necessary gear exposing themselves to a number of dangers. Moreover, the hood protect us from harmful objects, such as debris, water, logs, and more. When paddling in whitewater, you are likely to venture into rocky terrains, and chances of hit the rock becomes high. If this happen, the only head protection is the headgear. In addition, the wear protect yourself from the extreme weather condition, such as hot and cold weather.

7. Hand Gloves

Wear protective gloves or pogies to protect the hands from blisters. The condition happens to newly Kayakers paddling for the first time. Besides, veteran Paddlers should always put on the pogies when voyaging long distances. For recreational kayaking, the gloves add fun and good feeling as you cruise the flat water lakes, seas, and oceans.

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