6 Benefits of Kayaking

Are you looking for a sport that allows you to go out and to improve your both mental and physical health? Kayaking has all those benefits, plus lots of pleasure.

You will not only exercise your body but also you are able to explore nature’s beauty as well as discovering new places you’ve never known before.

So, what is kayaking? This kind of water sport involves the usage of a double-bladed oar in order to paddle a kayak (a small boat).

In fact, there are several types of kayaks you should also know; touring kayaks, fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks, tandem kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and many more.

In general, a kayak is only able to accommodate one person. However, a tandem kayak is designed to accommodate 2 even 3 people. If you are new to this sport, it would be good for you to try flat-water kayaking at first.

Aside from being such a fun and enjoyable sports activity, there are some benefits you can get from kayaking both for mental and physical health.

These are the Benefits of Kayaking

Reduces Stress

To reduce stress, you will need to go outside of your house to get fresh air. Stress is often associated with mental illness.

For this reason, kayaking is the best sport to get some fresh air outside. Since the sport is doing outdoor, you will be able to reduce stress by doing such a fun and enjoyable activity.

Improving sleep quality

Doing kayaking throughout the day of course will make you feel so exhausted. Surprisingly, it is able to improve your sleep quality as you will fall asleep earlier and faster. Besides, you will also have a deep and tight sleep during the night.

Having time for socializing

Since kayaking does not entail any intricate concepts or instructions, it is very simple for anyone.

You can have your friends or families to join with you to share an enjoyable and memorable moment together. Hence, it’s such the best time to socialize with your family and friends.

If there is no one to ask for, you can join a club or organization of kayakers. It’s such a great opportunity to meet up new people and broaden your friend circle.

Achieve ideal body weight

To shed some weight, kayaking is one of the most recommended sports to do. By doing kayaking, about 500 calories will be burnt in each hour. Even though it may seem less when compared to run, but it is better than on a treadmill.

Increasing upper body muscle

Since kayaking uses your arms, these parts of your body will be more toned. It will increase the muscles in your upper body like in your chest, shoulders, and back. Paddling a kayak will help to exercise those useful muscles.

Toned legs to develop

You may think that the benefits of kayaking are only on upper body muscles. But, it also has benefits on your legs.

To keep you on balance, your legs are applied to certain pressure that makes the muscles in your legs loosen and tighten.

Above all, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like meeting people, kayaking is also great to do solo.

You can explore nature and stay focus on yourself. Furthermore, if you love doing meditation or yoga, kayaking offers an ideal setting.

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