Why Kayaking Accidents and Deaths Are On the Rise

Kayaking accidents and deaths are on the rise, which prompted Jason Clay to pen “How to Survive (and Enjoy) Potentially Dangerous Rafting Season,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The major causes of rafting fatalities are as a result of “runoff from a snowpack more than 600 percent above the median” (Roberts). Three days after writing the … Read more

Why Kayaking In Des Moines, Iowa Becoming Dangerous

It is reported by the fire department officials that Kayaking Des Moines, Iowa is increasing becoming dangerous at this time. A number of changes have taken place with several debris witnessed in the river (Fodor) as compared to the previous rivers. Besides, there have been a number of response by Des Moines Fire Department Water … Read more

35 Basic Kayaking Equipment Essentials

To enjoy Kayaking, a paddler must have basic Kayaking equipment. These apparatus are necessary for any type of Kayaking, such as fishing, sport kayaking and more. Without some of the basic kayaks accessories, a person will be exposing themselves to Kayaking dangers. For example, John MacGregor known to have invented sport kayaking ventured into some … Read more