OEM/GB Carbon Kayak Paddle Review

Ocean Kayak Paddle Tips

In this review of OEM/GB kayak paddle, the following are areas of interest that will help a paddler make an informed decision about this particular paddle; the brand, company profile, advantages and disadvantages, paddle length and specifications, shipping, and payment methods. The Kayak Paddle Name The manufacturer has labeled this paddle as the “Hot selling … Read more

The Transport Canada Canoe Regulations for Sea Kayakers

Different states have different types of regulations overseeing the usage of Kayaks, boats, and small vessels in the sea. It is upon the user to understand and adhere to these kayak safety rules to avoid arrest by the Coast Guards responsible for overseeing water usage. Besides, lack of adherence can be fatal leading to hypothermia … Read more

How to Paddle a Kayak

Ocean Kayak Paddle Tips

The basic equipment to get started paddling is a kayak, oar, and kayak pfd. Besides, newbie paddlers to learn the basic courses about water sport activities. There are several courses available, such as braces, basic strokes, and rescue techniques. You can get these courses and instructions from dealers and kayak sporting club near you. A … Read more

What is a White Water Kayaking?

White water kayaking is the art of paddling a kayak in a moving water, characterized by extreme paths, such as rocks, trees, logs, woods, and artificial barriers. Besides, the flowing water for white water kayaking are rivers and streams. To have a pleasurable and exciting adventure, kayakers to consider narrow and fast flowing rivers. However, … Read more

Why Kayaking Help Improves Muscle Strength

There are several benefits to kayaks namely, reducing body calories. For instance, it is estimated that kayaking helps burned 400 calories per hour (Derick). Kayaking also helps lessen mental disruptions. It achieves mental calmness through concentration by a paddler on the water, the sceneries, breeze, and the cool atmosphere, etc. However, for this article, I … Read more